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Can Pinterest drive traffic to your site? Pinterest is perfect for this

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When I first started using Pinterest I was using it all wrong.

I randomly pinned pictures of silly dogs and cats and clothing I liked, funny memes and pointless food shots. It wasn’t until I did a bit of research that I discovered just how useful Pinterest can be if used right.

One of the best uses for Pinterest is to drive people to my site and also my affiliate links. Pinterest had a bit of a hiccup not so long ago where they stopped people from using affiliate links but they came to their senses and this is once more allowed.

I use it to pin images of TShirts. I am an affiliate for a number of tshirt companies and all I do is share the most interesting and funny tshirts there are on my interest boards. I found that the more I pinned these and shared other people’s pins the more money filtered into my account.

I also found it very time consuming. You see Pinterest is a global platform so if you want to reach everyone you need to pin at all times of the day. When I was discussing this in one of the Facebook groups that I belong to they showed me an autoposter designed for Pinterest. I was a little sceptical at first but when I looked at the price I didn’t hesitate. I started using this and began to get more and more sales. More exposure of my pins meant more people seeing them. You can even set up multiple accounts and it will autopost to those too. This tool changed my whole marketing strategy.

You really should take a look Click here and check it out.

Ps. I don’t think I answered my question. Yes Pinterest does send more traffic to my site than any other strategy I am using.

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