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Genuine BMW parts UK

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An automotive industry has made a permanent canopy of Sports cars, luxurious cars and premium cars now in the world market. The automotive industries are giving a yearly turnover of £52.5 billion from the manufacturing section . About 203,000 commercial vehicles and 1.45 million passenger vehicles manufactured by the automobile industries presented in United Kingdom. Increase in the production of cars lead to employment of workers in manufacturing wings of the automobile industries. Many people are recruited in servicing, supply, and maintenance and retail sections of these industries in United Kingdom . There is auto – sports and motorcars racing sections in United Kingdom with the increase of selling of sports cars may people get employed in this stream . In United Kingdom mainly engine manufacturing industries is present and huge man power is needed for fittings and checking of spare parts in industries and this also creates an employment for expert workers in automobile industries. The growth of automotive industries can be tracked since 1880 s’ in United Kingdom. It is the result of the inception of the British that lead to the spread of automotive industries in U.K . Fredrick Simms along with his friend, Gottlieb Daimler designed a high – speed petrol engine and sold in the market. Later Simms built a wing of Daimler Motor Syndicate Limited for various enterprises of Daimler. Simms along with his friends promoted the automobile industries by selling cars using the engines designed by Daimler . The legacy of Daimler Motor Syndicate Limited passed to many personals and it got better and better . In Coventry first engines and chassis for cars manufacturing started. It is considered that this factory in Coventry first produced serial number cars in United Kingdom. In nineteenth Century the automobile industries hampered for various policies adopted by the ruling Governments in U.K.

With the passing of time flexible acts were passed and bold steps were taken by the investors , inventors and manufacturers which led to the spread of Automobile industries in United Kingdom. Later Aktiengesellschaft  bought 46 % of stocks of BMW and it remained as the quad family member with BMW. Other stocks of BMW is owned buy different share holders among the public .  BMW also took control of Hans Glas company in 1966 , it was a business move to acquire the market of Glas and enhance the BMW business in the Automotive industries.

This analysis of the golden reign of BMW cars in automobile market clearly shows the goodwill and service that BMW has provided the people around the World. So to keep this Classic car active and in better condition, the user should keep maintaining it from time to time. To  maintain BMW car the owner needs both interior and exterior accessories to increase the capacity and potential of the car. The people living in United Kingdom have good opportunity to get original spare parts of BMW car online. Some sellers are selling genuine parts online with remunerated price and this help the car user to buy accessories in their budget and enjoy the ride of the classic car like – BMW. For more details please visit

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