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2 Reasons Why You Should Remove A Mole From The Skin Or Prevent Getting A Mole In The First Place

It would be fair to assume that most people have at least one mole somewhere on their body, and research shows that many people would like to remove a mole, skin tag or wart that they consider to be unsightly.

But what are the reasons for people wanting to remove a mole? Why is there this stigma surrounding a very common skin complaint that we agree most people have?

There are many reason that are given, some of which are justified not just for cosmetic reasons, but for health reasons too. Here are the 2 most common reasons:

1) If the mole is situated in an area that can cause irritation then this is sometime a good reason to remove a mole, especially if it sits on a clothing line such as a shirt collar, bra, or belt line. For men in particular, a mole on the face can be very irritating when shaving and can even bleed for a significant amount of time if caught with a razor.

If a shirt collar, belt or bra constantly catches a mole then again it can become inflamed and sore and may even bleed form time to time.

2) If the mole is on a visible part of the skin such as the hands, face or neck then it could be removed purely for cosmetic reason, mainly because the sufferer feel that the mole is somehow effects their beauty and overall appearance. They may feel that it may give them a disadvantage over people who don’t have a visible mole, prevent them from getting a job or stop them from meeting a partner. They become very self-conscious and always feel to be on the back foot so It then becomes desirable for them to remove the mole permanently.

So can you prevent ever getting a mole in the first place?

Well many researchers believe that diet can affect moles occurring but also if you are prone to skin moles then avoiding direct sunlight is very effective in preventing moles too. You can also apply plenty of sun cream during the day.

The good news for mole sufferers is that almost any mole is benign i.e. non cancerous and not an actual threat to general health, and can generally be removed very quickly and safely using a home treatment and it is not necessary to seek a surgical procedure to remove a mole.

Source by Jenny Cain

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