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3 Keys To Keep Up With A Goal

In the daily need to achieve goals and enhance improvement, sometimes goals are lost. Amidst many commitments, commitments are miss committed. Like in a football game, the objective of each team is to hit the goal as many times as possible to win (as long as they do this more than their opponent). But some games often end without a team hitting a goal even with extra time to do so, this is sad. Sitting in your sofa you imagine how on earth they could not put the ball into a wide goal post in given time. Each day is like a maze, with confusing turns but not without a pattern. Your ability to see patterns and understand them determines passage. Like in a football game, each team is strategically structured to stop the other from scoring while they themselves work to score. A team will definitely score when they see the pattern through the other team’s opposition. Everything in life has a pattern. That’s why success is not always of strength or skill, but working according to the natural laws about anything. There are three simple yet important keys that will help one keep track of one’s goal.

Focus: when you find purpose, focus on it. This is according to the law of sequence. First things first, you can’t focus on what you don’t see; you can’t take what you have not discovered. It’s one thing to have a goal; it’s another to have another goal. There will always be goals to achieve. As long as there is progress in any venture there would be new problems and innovative demands. For these to be met, goals have to be set amidst existing goals, thereby increasing commitment and possibility of losing sight on the most important things. When it gets tough in football match, a team might lose focus of goals while trying to handle the surging offense of the other team.

The sun will burn out flesh with the help of a convex lens, ordinarily it can’t. You must not necessarily abandon every other commitment just to achieve one goal, that’s not wise, is it? Focus in concise definition is giving each goal or commitment the justified required attention in its given time.

Consistency: with consistent heat, a stone will dissolve in boiling water. There is no progress in inconsistency. You will be a pioneer in what you initiated, but if you start a thing and show consistent improvement over time you will perfect in it. Consistency is not mediocrity. Mediocrity is maintaining the status quo (even when the status quo is below standard). Consistence is continual progress no matter how slow or gradual.

Determination: consistency cannot hold without determination. Consistent progress is not without obstacles and failures but it’s in the ability to rise and still improve. With determination, consistent heat will dissolve a stone in boiling water; that’s a proverb anyway. One cardinal virtue and common factor in every worthy achievement is you guessed right, determination. As much as I know it is not always an inborn virtue, it’s developed like many other virtues. The world will wait for a determined man.

Source by Chidi Ejikeugwu

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