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5 Minute Activities to Keep Your Actions Spiritual Each Day

The following 5 minute activities will refresh your spirit and keep you acting from the spiritual part of your being throughout your day.You can do these 5 minute activities on a work break, in the bathroom, riding on a bus etc.

1. Forgiveness. We forgive to free ourselves of negative feelings and thoughts; anger, loss, sadness, resentment etc. Forgive means to let go; to stop running the painful experience through your heart, mind and emotions. That attracts more of the same experiences to you through the magnetic law of attraction. It also produces higher levels of inflammatory proteins in your body that can lead to heart disease, depression and cancer. Forgiveness doesn’t condone bad behavior. You simply clean yourself of the toxic feelings, judgments and memories.

Work to understand the other person. What weakness does this person have that caused this behavior? Is it fear, insecurity, desperation, lack of integrity? Remember, not everyone has the same strengths and integrity that you do.Some people are young souls and haven’t developed the character traits that reflect integrity. They are learning and suffering the consequences of their behavior. They are growing, just as you are.

It’s not personal. The person will do it again with someone else. Clean your heart and soul and move on. And keep your boundaries clear if you meet again.

Forgiveness Activity:Close your eyes, relax and breathe deeply and fully for a few minutes. Choose a situation and person you’d like to forgive. Consider what happened from the viewpoint of the other person. Get inside the other person’s feelings at the time of the situation. What weakness or self-interest caused the action?

Consider the character and development of the person. What does she/he still need to learn? In what ways does the person need to grow?

Say what you wish to the other person in your mind now; how you feel and what you want him/her to know.

Allow God to give you what you needed in that situation. Was it respect, love, fairness, acknowledgement, peace? Feel yourself being filled with it now.

Decide how you will act in relation to this person. Be firm in your boundaries. What will you change inside yourself and in your behavior?

Now, send love to the person; wish that person well from your heart. Forgive, let go.

Did you learn something valuable from this situation? What? End your involvement with this situation now. Make a firm decision to be finished with it. If you need to do this exercise additional times, do it until it is clearly behind you.

2. Focused Inner Listening Activity: Close your eyes and breathe slowly and deeply. Breathe in brilliant white light and breathe out bright light; clear sparkling white light. Circulate the light throughout your being and let it shimmer.

Allow a soft fluffy blanket of aquamarine and sky blue colored light wrap itself around you. Rest in silence. Breathe in peace. Breathe out peace.

Ask for general guidance and set your intention to receive it.

Become very quiet and listen inwardly in the stillness without thought. No thought, just quiet.

Receive impressions and guidance now.

Ask a specific question that’s important to you. Listen inwardly for the answer. You may receive a feeling, a picture or words.

In the silence, receive additional information about your life.

This activity brings your own gift of intuitive knowing and messages from your soul into your conscious awareness.

3. Love: The frequency of love is buoyant, uplifting, warm and fulfilling. There is a sense of wholeness and truth that accompanies it. It feels right, because love is the right thing to do, the right way to be.

When you deliberately cultivate love within you, you change and become more compassionate, empathetic, kind and understanding to yourself and others.

Think about, meditate on and seek out ways to act with love throughout your day. Cultivating love requires your deliberate intention and actions.

Love Meditation Activity: Close your eyes and breathe deeply as you relax.

Image a pink and gold flower made of scintillating light inside your heart; gold and pink light glowing in your heart.

Allow the petals of the flower to open and unfold one by one. Feel the warmth of love as it spreads through your heart.

Experience a deep appreciation and love for yourself. You are precious, strong divine.

Feel love for your family and friends, and radiate it out to them as the flower petals continue to open and expand.

Feel the love becoming very strong and powerful within you like a laser beam. Radiate it out to all humanity.

Choose a particularly difficult person in your life and direct love to that person.

Throughout your day, radiate love to situations and people that present a challenge, irritate you or are rude.

This will harmonize the energy between you. It’s simple, powerful and effective.

4. Neutralizing Negative Experiences Activity: Close your eyes, breathe deeply and become still. Imagine a time when you were very upset. Re-live it in your body now. Feel it strongly. Imagine that you are putting on the mask of a spiritual master and becoming that master instantly. You are calm, centered, full of peace and understanding. You have stopped the upset feeling instantaneously and it’s gone. Feel well.

Here is another effective technique. When you find yourself very upset with that tightening in your stomach, sit down and simply observe your emotion. Watch yourself having it. As it’s occurring, observe your reactions and feelings. When you feel calmer, understand yourself and the situation in a new way. You can rise above the situation with new insights and peace. Observe and overcome any time during the day that you need to.

5. Creative Service to Others: Research shows that the happiest people are those who find ways to serve and make a real contribution in the world. Find one way to be of service every day. What talents can you share that will provide a service to others that will enhance their lives, teach them something valuable or uplift their spirits?

Creative Service Activity: Sit quietly, breathe deeply and relax. Now, ask inwardly how your soul wants you to be of service at this time. Allow a gift to be placed in your hands by your soul, your higher self. Open it. What is it? Interpret the symbolic meaning of the gift. What does it mean? How does it apply to your service?

Service is about love. Service is love in action. What do you love? Pets, research, bicycling, peace, nature, gardening, sewing, chemistry, art, teaching, helping people grow, building things? Put your hands where your love is. Take action and share what you love.

Write down some things that make you happy. Now, translate them into ways you can provide service, uplifting experiences and learning to others. Be creative and choose something you haven’t done before. Serve in ways that inspire you.

Throughout your day, remember to practice forgiveness, inner listening, love, strength of self, neutralizing negative experiences and creative service. You will grow and accelerate your spirituality daily.

Source by Carole Cravath

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