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7 Fundraising Ideas to Quickly Raise $1,000

One thousand dollars may not seem like a lot of money to some nonprofits, but to small organizations, it can be a large sum of money. Here are 7 great ideas to quickly raise $1,000.

1. Do an “Easy Thousand.” Get 10 Board members, volunteers, or donors to each ask 10 people for $10 each. You can change this to $15,625 by changing the numbers to 25 people asking 25 people for $25 each. This can also give you a bunch of new donors!

2. Hold a house party. Ask Board members, volunteers, and donors to have a dinner in their home and invite their friends. Have a staff person do a short presentation on your organization followed by a testimonial from the evening’s host. Then, give the guests the chance to make a gift. Make sure to get names and addresses so you can properly thank guests and get them on your list.

3. Have a large Yard Sale. Ask Board members, volunteers, and friends to donate their unwanted items and hold a big yard sale. Publicize it beforehand to let the community know what you’re doing and that you are trying to raise $1,000. Donate any leftovers to a local thrift store.

4. Hold a “Non Event” (Example: “No Ball at All”). Create a fictitious event and send out invitations asking people to buy “tickets” to this event that won’t take place. It’s a great theme for a mailing and usually works well.

5. Ask for donations to your organization in honor of your birthday. Most of us have more than we need anyway, so ask friends and family to make a gift in honor of your special day. Facebook has a way to easily ask online friends to make a gift and you can set a goal so that others know how much you are trying to raise.

6. Launch a viral email campaign. Write a short, compelling email and send to everyone you have email addresses for. Be sure to say that you are trying to raise $1,000. Include a link to your “Donate Now” button online. Then ask the reader to forward the email on to others who might be interested.

7. Upgrade an existing donor. Look through your current donor list and find someone who has given $500 in the past year or so. Invite them for a tour of your facility and ask them to make a $1,000 gift.

Source by Sandy Rees

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