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Advantages of Ceramic Hob Cookers Over Gas Stoves

Electric cooking ranges are far superior to gas stoves in several ways. Since their inception, they have transformed the way food is cooked. They have offered faster, more thorough ways of cooking that are both convenient and economic. The levels of safety offered by ceramic hob cookers are unrivalled; It simply cannot be matched by gas stoves.

Ease of Use
Ceramic hobs are extremely easy to use. They come with self-explanatory controls that are easy to learn and offer a wide range of functions. These functions are pre-programmed for a wide variety of heat settings ideal for frying, cooking, boiling or grilling. These functions go a long way in minimizing the effort of tuning the temperature to be just right; just a touch of a button and voila! You'll have your food ready in no time at all.

Higher Temperatures
Electric ceramic hob cookers are capable of providing much higher temperatures than their gas counterparts. Considering the fact that the food is cooked by infrared rays rather than the method of convection (as in gas), the food is heated thoroughly from inside out. This locks in the flavor, and will be especially noticeable when you cook meat – the juices in the meat stay put to give it its natural flavor.

Durability and Reliability
These ceramic hob cookers do not have any moving parts; even the controls are buttons and not knobs (knobs have a tendency to come off). This rigid construction makes electric cookers far more reliable and durable.

Gas stoves become unsafe to use and are even rendered unusable if a gas leak is detected. This is of no concern with an electric hob as it does not use gas as a source of fuel.

Safety is paramount in electric hobs. There is no danger of gas leaking or any harmful bi-products as a result of burning gas. Latest electric cookers also cool down quickly after they're turned off, thereby minimizing the risk of burns.

Effortless Cleaning
The smooth, shiny ceramic glass surface of an electric cooktop range is extremely easy to clean. Firstly, it does not have grooves where food particles could drop and accumulate. Secondly, the shiny surface allows cleaning up spills and bits just by wiping it.

Care needs to be taken not to use any rough cloth to clean the ceramic-glass top as it can get scratched easily. Now compare this to gas stoves; if you do manage to get something spilled while cooking, you cannot clean it instantly and will have to wait for it to cool down before you can remove the grill. By the time you begin cleaning, your spill would have cooked onto the surface, requiring more effort from you. Tough, isn't it?

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