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Advice Regarding Rejected Family Travel Insurance Claims

A significant number of family travel insurance claims are rejected every year. The reasons vary from failure to disclose personal information and ignorance of the policy small print. However, it's important to remember that disgruntled travelers do have the right to complain if they feel that their claims haven't been properly processed. It is worth perusing the information outlined in this helpful article – but do remember, this is only a guide and does not constitute legal advice.

Consider the Policy Details

It is always advisable to double-check the policy small print subsequent to any claim rejections. You should ascertain, firstly, whether details provided when you purchased your family travel insurance were completely accurate. The insurance company should also provide a completely transparent overview of the levels of cover for different eventualities. They may not be prepared to pay out for lost gadgets or medical care provided after unexpected winter sports injuries, for example, and you may also be expected to pay a specific amount of excess.

Get In Touch With the Provider

It may be possible to contact your family travel insurance specialist after reading the policy small print and considering the unique circumstances of a claim. There are usually the options of phoning and speaking directly with a specialist claims handler or writing a letter to the company in question. Any relevant evidence should be included and a clear statement of intent should be made regarding the issue.

Prepare For the Case to Be Disputed

A reputable company will take steps to ensure that claims are resolved fairly and quickly. However, there are always stories regarding less than scrupulous companies who've refused to pay out prior to the threat of legal action. For instance, one such company rejected a claim involving a man who lost his life in the Alps. They claimed that he'd ignored the policy small print regarding off-piste skiing, however in fact he'd lost his life while walking back to his holiday residence. The key is to only purchase insurance through a reputable provider and issues such as this will have no bearing.

Seek Independent Support

If a family travel insurance claim is disputed you can also seek the assistance of an independent assessor if you feel it is warranted. They will consider the liability of the insurer and the scale of financial reimbursement in question. Further action can be undertaken with the Financial Ombudsman Services, but they will only be able to help if the insurers have issued a 'final response' or eight weeks have passed since the original date of the claim. Specialists working for the Financial Ombudsman do have the power to demand a full explanation and compensation from companies. The Financial Ombudsman service is completely free.

Enlisting Other Forms Of Help

Anyone overwhelmed by the thought of making a claim on their family travel insurance may consider the option of employing a claims management specialist. However, it's worth pointing out that such professionals often demand relatively high fees and shares of any money paid out. Significant amounts may also be charged for legal representation in the courts.

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