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Alternative Medicine and Self Improvement With Technical Resources

Alternative medicine is essentially under the auspices of World Health Organization, and is a preferred treatment modality that supports the healthcare needs of 65% of the world. It is also known as CAM, or Complementary and Alternative medicine. It is based on clinical process similar to mainstream medicine that uses drugs and surgery.

World Health Organization is arranged to several departments concerning preventive medicine, public health, vaccinations to eradicate serious epidemics, and drugless therapies based on ancient traditions, as with acupuncture, tuina, shiatsu, herbalism, massage, aromatherapy, laser therapy, sports massage, neuromuscular massage and related.

The scientific nature, origin and background of each drugless therapy may be differentiated by its boards, regulators, clinical researchers, competency requirements, SOAP and plan of care. Low level laser is used and managed by mainstream practitioners, dermatologists, lymphologists, physical therapists, dentists and related.

Shiatsu, tuina, acupuncture and zen range in industry value from different levels, spas, clinics, yoga centers, hospitals or traditional practitioners. They are all based on sacred scriptures that have been monitored by WHO into practical technical documentation.

The spa industry is relatively recent, but applications based on massage may used the most in aesthetic environments, landscapes and luxurious rituals. These are very inviting but may cost a fortune. In healthcare centers, costs are high and insurance is not available.

The need arises for technical training or self improvement through courses and books. These courses and certificates must be affordable, well recognized in their brand and regulated. They must conform to international guidelines of understanding, of safety, of description, of competency listings, of consultation or checklisting, of monitoring progress, and of comfortable, convenient usage.

Such books for the layman have been relatively simple so far. The Standards boards cost high sums to exhibit their core work and process, at ministry level.

They are compatible with legal systems, technical systems, competency systems, audit systems, learner support systems and so on. The qualifications are understood globally and practitioners worldwide speak with the same understanding.

These processes have been somewhat converted for individuals to update their skills and knowledge quotient. Awareness is always useful. A reader with a severe back pain may prefer to buy his own laser and threat himself, rather than spend a fortune on a single session or a series of them. The reader must know the most suitable laser and technical process for his injury. In case he is not able to find adequate support in a book, he can enroll for a certified course.

With so much handy reading available, readers can change their lives, health and self improvement with compliance to technical process and quality training that is available. Now this brings in Zen for self discovery and internal balance, acupuncture or shiatsu for energy and equilibrium in core health, yoga for physical and spiritual exercise, sports massage and professional quality stretches for muscle balancing or lengthening, and fast recovery in the sports arena. Laser brings in scope for pain management, lymphatic drainage, acupuncture and more.

The Alternative medicine books are presentable with technical support to manage compliance based form filling, check points, after treatment evaluations, and recommendations for progress.

Source by Malini Chaudhri

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