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Amanation Home Business Marketing Strategy – What You Need to Know For Amanation Success

Energy reselling is huge business. The deregulation of the US energy industry has opened the door to a great MLM opportunity for those interested in home based business opportunities and a company set to be a chief player in this new market is Amanation. But while the marketplace is hungry to reduce the burden of the economic crisis by seeking out ways to reduce living expenses and Amanation’s energy services will definitely help those struggling to meet the bills, can you make money as an Amanation rep.

For those of you already in Amanation or considering becoming and Amanation rep I have conducted a review of the amanation compensation plan and provide some essential information that you are going to need to enjoy success. Fist of all lets look at the compensation plan

There are six ways to make money as an Amanation independent representative, with the payment plan being divided into two payment groups, immediate income and residual income.

Immediate income is paid weekly and includes the following,

Customer acquisition bonuses. First of all you get paid a $10 commission for every new residential customer and $25 for every new commercial customer you personally sign up. The strength of the Amanation plan unlike other utility based MLM’s is that customer acquisition bonuses are not tied to time frames or minimum numbers of sign ups. Simply put with Amanation you sign up a new customer you get paid.

Energizer bonuses are paid in addition to customer acquisition bonuses. These are paid for sponsoring new reps into the business and operate at two levels. For every person you personally bring into the Amanation energy you receive a $20 bonus. Level 2 bonuses occur when people you directly sponsored in Amanation themselves recruit someone new into the opportunity. This earns you an extra $15. The importance of the second tier energiser bonus is that payments are linked to helping your down line succeed.

Binary Cycle bonus. The other immediate payment bonus is the binary cycle bonus. To get the binary cycle bonus an Amanation distributor must have a minimum of two downline distributor legs. Every time a rep gets a combined total of 6 new reps in their team they cycle and earn a $50 bonus. It does not matter which leg of your Amanation down line they are recruited into as long as there are at least two in every six recruited from either leg.

Residual income is paid monthly and includes the following:

Retail commissions. Reps earn retail commissions on all Amanation energy services sold and consumed by customers within a calender month. Commissions are equal to 20% of the commission value.

Uni-level bonuses. With Amanation you can get paid uni level bonuses 5 levels deep. Simply put as a rep grows their down line they are paid override commissions on the total sales volume of their entire team. The qualification requirement is not difficult to achieve and requires the rep to maintain a personal sales volume of $20 To move up to corporate rankings a rep needs to maintain a personally sponsored distributor team. However unlike other MLM’s who set extremely difficult recruiting targets, to qualify for override bonuses, to reach the top and qualify for everything, only requires the rep and one member of his or her down line to retain 15 team members or more. This is one of the most fair and highly achievable targets I have seen in MLM.

Generation bonuses. Generational bonuses are also available and can earn the Amanation rep residual overrides of up to 15% on the overall sales volume of their whole team. In total amanation reps have the capacity to earn up to a 15% override on their whole team which could equate to some huge bonuses. Add to this the bonus of receiving Amanation shares for your team building efforts and the Amanation opportunity looks good.

In saying that the person considering joining Amanation needs to be conscious of what is really required to active success. Evaluation of the compensation model clearly demonstrates that most of the earning capacity of an Amanation rep is directly tied to the ability to recruit new members into your team If you want to achieve success you are going to have to focus 80% of your effort on recruiting distributors and training them how to be successful and this is going to require a strong leadership and the ability to develop fresh leads on a daily basis.

Here is the MLM truth. Regardless of what MLM business your in figures show that for every 50 people who take a look at your business only one will sign up and I will tell you now my own business recruiting data bear out these numbers. With these statistics being proven over and over to do well a distributor is going to need to generate at least 10 to 15 leads a day. While this may sound like a frightening task do not panic just yet because with the right marketing system and strategies in place you could easily generate 50+ leads every day and grow your amanation business fast.

Want to know how?

Source by Chris Hopkins

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