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Are the Drugs You Take Causing Your Gout Attacks?

Nearly all drugs, be it prescription or over-the-counter, can have side effects in some people. There are even treatment drugs that can trigger or increase the risk that you will develop another entirely different disease or some medical conditions.

Gout is one of the diseases that could be triggered as a result of taking drugs that are meant to treat other medical conditions. There are some medications that increase the risk of developing gout, if you already have gout then you should speak to your DR if you are taking or are about to start taking any of the medications mentioned here.

Diuretics contain furosemide, hydrochlorothiazide and metolazone. Diuretics are drugs that are taken to remove excess fluids from the body as part of the treatment of heart disease and hypertension. The actions or effects of diuretics, on the other hand, result in the lowering of the volume of uric acid that gets eliminated from your body via your urine stream since there are less fluids going out of your body as urine. Less urine means less uric acid is leaving your system.

Drugs containing salicylate, such as the common aspirin affects the proper function of the kidney in the elimination of uric acid and thus may trigger gout, if you only take the occasional aspirin for a headache then this is no reason to worry but if you take them daily then it is advisable to speak to your DR.

Cyclosporine, which is a medication prescribed in patients that have undergone organ transplant may trigger gout since it suppresses the immune system of the body. Cyclosporine us designed to prevent the body from rejecting the organ transplanted. This is one case where Gout as a side effect may be considered to be a minor worry.

Levodopa, a medicine that enhances communication of nerve pathways. Levodopa is used in treating degenerative disease such as Parkinson’s disease.

Other drugs that have surfaced in studies have been pointed to cause gout include Accure, Amlodipine and Benazepril

o Dyazide

o Ethacrynic Acid

o Indapamide

o Isohexal

o Isotrex

o Lotrel

o Maxzide

o Nadide

o Natrilix

o Pyrazinamide

o Spironazide

o Spirozide

There are also drugs that need to be mixed with another drug to produce an effect that may trigger gout. It is always advised that professional help should be sought by people who have gout when seeking medical treatment for some other medical conditions so you can be sure that the side effects aren’t going to be worse than the original illness.

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