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Aries and Cancer Compatibility – Do Still Waters Run Deep?

With Aries being a fire sign and Cancer being water, there are a lot of differences between them. This can make for a spicy relationship, with Cancer embarking on things they would never have dared to before. Aries may feel that they are being dampened down and subdued by watery Cancer, making this a difficult partnership. There will be attraction there as Aries will find peace in Cancers tranquil waters, calming his whirlwind nature and Cancer will find strength in the Aries more powerful side.

Although opposites attract this could be a pairing that doesn’t work well together. It could be initially frustrating for Aries as he tries to break through Cancers hard shell, but he will eventually get through with his grit and determination. By nature Cancerians are sensitive and emotional and Aries are brash and over-baring. Aries have to constantly remind themselves to move slowly and with sensitivity as Cancer is an emotional and gentle sign.

There are positives to this pairing though. This combination has the ability to be an inspiration. Aries more out going nature could prove beneficial to shy reserved Cancer and it will bring much motivation for Cancer to take the initiative to discover their potential. Cancerians can find themselves happily swept along in the whirlwind that is Aries and find it extremely stimulating. On the other hand Aries can take a lot from Cancers calm sensitive approach to life helping them to smooth their rough edges.

The troubles will come when Cancer finds Aries aggression hurtful and Cancers mood swings become to much for spirited Aries, causing some frictions. To stop this from being a problem they both need to listen and take notice of each others grievances. Compromise is essential in order to focus on their common goals, but with these both being movable signs of the zodiac they can prove to be very flexible.

Adjustment is needed for variety to play a part in both their lives, especially as the crab is a more home loving creature. If Aries is able to calm their wild ways a little, it will give this pairing a better chance of survival. As it tends to be more in Cancers nature to give in, they have to learn to stick to their guns more. They have to realise that they are, in the end, working on the same team. They have the ability to provide what the other needs in a relationship to make this an equal pairing.

Source by Angela Varden

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