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Best Places to Advertise Your Membership Site

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Best Places to Advertise Your Membership Site

Congratulations! You finally have your membership set up and running. But why isn’t it filled to capacity? While building your site is one thing getting members to join is another. It is not simply a matter of build it and they will come.

Your task now is to actively work on finding new members for your site on a regular basis. You do have lots of options for this including paid and non- paid ones.

If you wish to pay for advertising to find members you can use things such as Facebook and LinkedIn ads. You can run advertisements on Adsense or place notices in magazines and newsletters. Of course you want to research the best places for your topic and advertise where your members already hang out.

Most people prefer to use free methods for finding members. You probably have a small budget until you start to fill your membership site. If this is the case then use the following options for advertising your site.

Forums are a great place to start. You want to join forums where your potential members are hanging out. If the forum allows you to use a signature you can add a link to your site here. Now you don’t want to actively start promoting your site inside the forum. A better way to attract people to you is by offering advice and information. This way they will start to view you as someone who knows the topic and always has answers.

Social Media sites are extremely popular and just about everyone, regardless of your niche, uses them. Use sites such as Facebook and Google+ to post information and tips on your topic. Give away free advice and then now and again pop in a reference to your membership site. If you run a Facebook Group you can link your timeline cover to your membership site. When people click on the cover, and they do, they will see your site address there.

Blogging regularly is another way to attract people to you and find potential new members. Post articles and talk about what you know, showcase your expertise and knowledge. In the side bar of your blog you can have a link to your membership site.

Yet another way to advertise the fact that you have a membership site is by blog commenting. With this method you simply find related blogs, those that your potential members would be reading, and start leaving comments on them. When you leave a comment you are normally allowed to include your website link, link back to your blog where your membership site is advertised.

If you use the above tips on a regular basis you will find that you are reaching more would-be new members. Over time you will notice that more people are joining your site on a regular basis.

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