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Can Gout Kill You?

On a pain scale of one through ten, with ten being tops, most gout sufferers would rate it eleven. The pain is so intense that anything touching the area…including a bed sheet…is too heavy. All you can think of is making it stop. Once you’ve achieved that, you want to prevent its recurrence, which is a good idea.

Gout itself can’t kill you, but it can cause conditions that do so. Excess uric acid can damage many systems in your body, including the kidneys and heart. At first, it was thought that heart problems were part of the cause, but new studies seem to indicate that gout can and does affect the heart.

The kidneys are responsible for filtering waste products out of your blood stream. If there is more uric acid in your blood than they can filter, it continues to circulate, and gradually forms crystals. The crystals get deposited in the joints when they become too large to be moved and an attack begins.

People with other serious diseases are also at increased risk for the painful medical condition. Diabetics and those with heart problems prior to the diagnosis are a good example. If you have either condition, take care. You may be able to avoid developing it with a few simple precautions.

Low Protein Diet: Protein contains a substance called purine. As it is broken down, a waste product is created in uric acid. Avoiding the worst offenders is a good idea. These include organ and processed meats, and some types of seafood. Vegetable protein also contains the substance, but it isn’t known if they pose the same risk factors.

Weight Control:: Being overweight can increase your risks for many diseases and this is one of them. Watching your weight can help decrease your risks.

Home Remedies: There are things you can use and at least one you shouldn’t do. Don’t take aspirin or willow bark if you have or are at risk for this painful condition. Both can increase levels of the waste product and greatly increase your likelihood of problems.

Some forms of tea will need to be avoided. Green tea may be safe to consume, but black tea usually is not. I’ve got bad news if you’re a coffaholic, also. Coffee can be problematic.

You can take cherry juice, however. It is often recommended by doctors for gout patients. This can help clear your system and relieve the pain. In fact, any dark red, purple or blue fruit can do so, including strawberries, grapes and blueberries.

Maintaining your overall health is a primary need. If you are at risk for developing this problem, speak to your doctor and ask what else you can do to prevent it. In this as in many other situations, an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure.:

Source by Mary Bodel

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