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Cavity Wall Compensation – Are You Entitled to a Claim?

Have you had Cavity Wall insulation installed as part of the Government and Energy Provider – funded scheme in the UK? If you are experiencing problems with Damp and Mold, damaged wallpaper and high humidity this article with explain how you are entitled to compensation and to have the work carried out again correctly.

At least 14 Million homes in the UK had Cavity wall insulation installed as part of a Government and Energy Provider funded scheme. The cavity wall insulation was provided in order to help lower energy bills for home owners and the carbon footprint of the UK as a whole.

Unfortunately at least 30% of the home owners who had the Cavity Wall Insulation work carried out have experienced damage to their properties as a result. These include, Mold, Damp, damaged wallpaper and High humidity. This has resulted in homes being uncomfortable to live in and expensive redecoration bills.

There is however a silver lining to this cloud, if your property has been damaged by badly installed cavity wall insulation you are entitled to claim for compensation to cover the cost of having the insulation removed and to repair any damage cause by it to your property.

When the insulation was fitted, you should have received a guarantee that would have arrived shortly after installation. This will be required when looking into your claim.

The next step will be a Free Home Inspection to collect evidence for your case. An engineer will visit your property to inspect and record any damage. Using a damp meter reader they will take readings of any damp areas collect photographs and take a written report. Once all of the information is collected the case will be passed on to a Specialist advisor who will handle your claim.

A significant number of home owners are already in the process of claiming compensation for their badly installed cavity wall insulation on a no win no fee basis by following an easy format.

Free Telephone Assessment Of Your Claim
Free Expert Home Survey To Record Damage
Free Cavity Wall Insulation Removal
Free Repair Of All Damaged Areas
Absolutely No Win, No Fee Compensation

If you have had cavity wall insulation installed and have since noticed damage to your home, why not find out if you could be entitled to compensation on a no win no fee basis. If successful your claim will be handled on your behalf by a specialist advisor.

Source by Katie Hazzard

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