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Conference Call – Slash Travel Costs

There is no doubt that the price of oil has hindered traffic of all kinds, but it has especially hit businesses hard. There are many positions within a company that require travel, such as Sales. But what if you could reduce that travel by even 50%? You could reduce your company’s expenses, reduce your hours worked, and maybe even pass along some savings to your customers and end up selling more of your product.

The way to do this is through conference calling. I understand that some businesses, and some products just do not fit into the conference call world, but there are some that do. Conference calling is a cheap and easy way to communicate with customers quickly.

Another great use of conference calling is to use it for training purposes. This can be for the sales staff, or for rolling out a new product, process, or software system. All you need to do is set up a time, and make printed presentation material or workbooks available for download or send them ahead of time to the attendees.

All of this can be accomplished for less than the price of the cheapest plain ticket you can find. In many cases, you can find a free conference calling service that will accommodate up to 90 different callers. If it is important to see a trainer or have a customer see you, video conference calling is also an option.

Equipment for a video conference is relatively cheap and easy to set up where a person can broadcast a presentation over the web and have it received by hundreds of clients or employees, avoiding the high cost of travel.

Everyone knows that travel is necessary in some cases, but when it isn’t required, conference calling may be the answer. I for one have been very grateful for conference calls to avoid the hassles of travel.

Source by Orville Carver

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