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Cons of Multitasking – Understand Them to Improve Productivity

Multitasking is taken as something obvious at the work place today. In these times of recession, the importance of multitasking has increased considerably. It is looked upon as a cost-cutting tool for the organization and as a survival skill for the employee.

The term multitasking refers to performing multiple tasks by one individual. The best example of multitasking is when our mothers are working in the kitchen. The gas stove, the microwave, the food processor all are working at the same time, and she is efficiently supervising them all. In all likelihood, it is also possible that she is also taking a call at that time. Hats off to her for managing everything at one time.

The concept of multiple tasking has reached or for that matter penetrated well into the work culture of today.

Reading the mail, answering the telephone, signaling to a colleague and having a coffee at the same time, are all tasks we would not be surprised to see at a typical work station today. It always seems that you will be able to save a few precious minutes trying to do everything all at the same time. Though multitasking is something acceptable it is being criticized too.

The Cons of Multitasking

Less Effective Productivity: Multitasking is criticized for the reason that it reduces productivity. The constant on and off a particular assignment does not let the employee concentrate. It is like restarting your computer every five minutes.

Susceptible to Mistakes: In all likelihood, you will make mistakes when you do multiple tasks at one time. The gravity of the mistakes could be detrimental to your work. In an effort to save a few minutes, serious mistakes could be committed. Time would also be lost in redoing the assignment or rectifying the mistakes.

It Creates Stress: All this flurry of activity will not be good for you. It could make you anxious and feel stressed out.

Multitasking cannot be avoided in the work culture of today. But do not let all of this take a heavy toll on you. It is important to prioritize and cut off from unimportant jobs and concentrate on the more important ones.

Source by Yves Juliaan

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