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Contrasting Gas and Electric Airsoft Guns

As you are most likely aware, there are three primary types of airsoft guns, those being spring, electric, and gas. There is also a fourth type known as hybrid, but it is still in the early stages of development and is nowhere close to as mature as the traditional three. And within those three, professional airsoft players usually shy away from spring powered airsoft guns, except in rare cases with sniper rifles. The main reason for avoiding spring is because it is not capable of semi-automatic firing, which is a critical ability in most airsoft games. As stated, the only exception is with sniper rifles because those are often designed to fire one shot at a time. Given the impracticality of spring and the industrial immaturity of hybrid, that leaves gas and electric. Which one should you choose? Is one type better than the other?

There are benefits and drawbacks to both types, and ultimately it is up to you to weigh those trade-offs and decide what would be most effective in your hands. However, from an effectiveness standpoint, there is no doubt that gas pistols and rifles are more powerful. The main trade-off that needs to be considered is the fact that you must continuously purchase new canisters in order to keep those products operational, whereas with electric pistols and rifles, you just have to recharge a battery. That is much easier than having to buy new stuff all the time, especially if there is no supplier near you and you have to pay shipping and handling charges as well. For this reason, you may find that electric airsoft products are more convenient for you.

Despite the fact that electric powered airsoft guns are not as strong as gas alternatives, they still are quite powerful. The highest quality electric guns even come very close to the power of gas guns, except they are more expensive. For example, the new lines from Polar Star Engineering are incredible and could easily stand up to any gas alternative on the market.

Thankfully you can take your time in weighing these options and coming to a decision that is right for you. You do not want to jump your choice, because if you find out down the line that you are not happy with your decision, then it will be expensive to switch over at that point. Therefore, it is much better to invest time now to ensure you can save money later.

Source by Justin Kander

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