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Direct Sales Home Party 2 Step Marketing – Your Secret Weapon to Boosting Sales Even in a Recession

Would you like to increase your home based business profits by 50% without increasing your marketing budget?

Direct sales opportunity, with the current economic and market situations as they are, is fast gaining ground and popularity as an alternative source of income. Any direct sales consultant with a home business, you know that marketing is a fundamental to building any successful direct sales home party business. Where many a home party plans business owner stumble, struggle and fail is not knowing to whom they are marketing and how to market both online and offline!

You see the common urge in the mlm direct marketing industry is to try and crumb something down the throat of a would be customer.

When you get a potential customer, many will do an immediate sales pitch. It is unfortunately premature and turns people off! A better method, that any direct sales marketing guru will tell you and a business best practice is the 2 step direct marketing.

Simply put, 2 step marketing is based on giving something away for free, or at low cost, with the purpose of getting something back in return. Of course that something is a sale, but beyond that is the relationship. The idea here is to start small and build. You want to obliterate concerns before you sell them anything – this is what is termed as pre-selling.

Step 1: Give away something, time, free samples, free demos, a free report, free session of coaching or consulting.

Step 2: Get their contact information and permission to market to them. This is called dripping information. No hard sells please. In this phase you are building rapport and trust. Why? So that you can begin to exert your influence. Ever heard of the phrase Jump! How high? Good, that is the power you will command if your engage in the 2 step process!

So here is the psychology behind it you get a visitor to your site or meet a potential customer / business builder.

What you want to do is get their
1. Attention
2. Permission
3. Interact
4. Trust
5. Influence

You want to craft an irresistible offer, to raise the fever pitch if you will .. In doing so you will get their attention and in effect raise anticipation. Let's say you place an ad in a paper, mail out a postcard or have a website, the best way to get attention is an irresistible headline. For example:

How To Have "Killer" Sex
At Any Age … Even If
You Don't Deserve It!

I have a feeling that got your attention and you are headed to Google search to figure out if the book exists. At the time of this writing, I have not yet ascertained the validity nor the existence of the book.

Your attention getting message must be compelling create a compelling giving just enough information about the product to get the prospect to take some sort of action. Invoke curiosity ….

Direct Sales Training Tip: Use the useful but incomplete rule … don't give it all always. You now what they say, why buy the cow if you can milk it for free?

2. Call to action: There is no point in crafting an irresistible offer only to drop the ball. People like sheep, must be led every step of the way.

A call to action is the desired action you would like the potential prospect, client or customer to make. For example Click Here To Order. Limitted Time Offer. While Supplies Last. Get Your Free Copy Today!

The purpose of the call to action is an exchange of information. You are capitalizing on their desire to get their hands on what you have in return for their name, phone number, email address and where possible a physical mailing address! This is called getting people to raise their hand for information. This is the essence of permission marketing , a term that is associated with Seth Godin, Marketing Demi-god!

Those who raise their hands for information become very hot direct sales leads. These are great business opportunity prospects and an excellent way to build a list.

As every direct sales representative or home party consultant knows, the "fortune is in the follow-up!" Once the information exchange that was initiated by you is done and you have provided them with the requested information don't stop there. Now you get into the direct sales marketing relational capital area of ​​things! You all know of the dismal statistics:



– Entrepreneur Magazine

This is a direct result of lack of follow up and follow through!

Contrary to popular opinion, the money is not in the list. If you haven't heard this before "the money is in the follow-up" so continually follow up. Having a list with no contact is throwing good money after bad, it is money down the drain! Once you have permission to market to people set up an email marketing campaign! If you don't have an autoresponder, get one, this is the easiest way to follow up. Aweber, iContact, GetResponse are some of the more popular ones. Send them an email as often as necessary to create a relationship and remind them of your backend product. Don't just do hard selling here. I am a strong proponent of direct mail efforts with a combination of email marketing!

2 step marketing is a time tested marketing method and will produce targeted prospects for your home based business. The idea here is work smarter not harder!

Source by Patricia Makhulo

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