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Dr David Steenblock

Today’s stars of alternative medicine are indisputably physicians like Ohmet Oz, Andrew Weil, and Deepak Chopra. These men certainly have made their mark, but sometimes the most visible in a field are not necessarily those who are making the most significant inroads or innovations. There are many doctors who work tirelessly and pioneer all kinds of novel treatments without enjoying the limelight.

One such physician is David Steenblock, a man who has focused on discovering and developing non-toxic, largely natural ways to effect healing over forty years.

Like all physicians Steenblock got a sound pre-med, med school and post-doctoral education. Following this he spent several years as a pathologist, and then worked as a family and integrative (holistic) medicine specialist. Along the way he concentrated on ways to slow or reverse chronic diseases like heart disease by use of non-pharmaceutical means such as diet and even the use of natural medicinal plants such as Chlorella.

As historians of science have noted in books and journals, many original discoveries and innovations in medicine have followed on the heels of doctors in private practice taking approved drugs and procedures and experimenting with them “off label.” Many well known researchers, in fact, believe this sort of on-the-job experimentation is a more reliable means of discovery and explanation in medicine than formal studies.

Dr. Steenblock has been doing this sort of hands-on professional experimentation over most of his long career, and reports this has helped him zero in on some genuinely powerful healing tools. For instance, he has identified specific measures that prevent certain cancers as well as slow and even reverse arterial blockage. In addition, he has devoted over twenty years to finding ways to make hyperbaric oxygen (HBOT) and specific IV drug & nutrition therapies work together to produce clinical improvements in people who have sustained brain damage as a result of strokes, traumatic brain damage and certain diseases.

During the past decade Dr. Steenblock has concentrated on the science and therapeutic uses of nonembryonic stem cells such as those from umbilical cord blood and bone marrow. As an outgrowth of this he has (since 2003) served as a medical and scientific consultant to various foreign cord blood stem cell programs, and co-authored one of very first lay level books on cord blood stem cell therapy ever published (2006.)

In addition, he was among the first doctors anywhere to treat certain chronic diseases such as aged-related macular degeneration and Parkinson’s disease by harvesting a patient’s own stem cell rich bone marrow and then giving this back to them intravenously. He claims to have amassed some pretty impressive case history data.

Of course, Dr. Steenblock is not without his critics. Some medical consumer advocates feel he deviates too much from what is medically acceptable or justified on the basis of known evidence. It is a charge actually levied against many alternative medicine doctors. Most apparently feel that their findings and insights will be proved right eventually.

Source by Dr. Anthony Payne

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