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Enthusiasm – Secrets to Hosting a Successful MLM Conference Call

Greeting with Enthusiasm

You’re the greeter, the news, recognition, introducer, closer. As the host of a call, you set the tone. I find that many people that are asked to do the welcoming on calls think of it as a burden, or as a task that newbie’s do. Sometimes leaders think that this is a task that can be accomplished by anyone on the team. The hard reality is that it takes a professional and the good news is that this can be learned very quickly.

You are required as the host to keep the tone upbeat, high energy and moving. Let me explain. When people dial in, there is the typical language that is used for most calls… as the Host you say, “Welcome to the call, please state your name and where you are calling in from.” After they share the info, your response sets the tone. You want to Thank them for being on the call, and let them know about how long till the call is going to start.

Now it’s important that you also have the events that will be taking place over the next few weeks, local event, corporate events, team events. You want to use this as fill-in info before the call starts. It’s important to have this information so you can let the callers, as well as the guests know what is happening to help them build their business.

Have the dates, locations, times, and let them know why they should attend as well as why bring guests. Let the guests on the call know when the next Getting Started call takes place, and what it’s about. Now don’t spend 3 straight minutes on stringing all this info together, keep welcoming people and where there are a few second of “no beeps” you can fill in with the event info. After you give the info on events, you return to “I know we had a bunch of beeps while I was updating, if you have not had the chance to give us your name and location please share… “

Then it comes time to introduce the presenter, have their story, and if you do not know it, make sure you get a script from them so that you give them the edification they deserve so it also brings the most value to the call.

The close is your chance to give the action steps that everyone should take. Distributors should bring guests to the next call, give dates and times. Guests should get on the next call with their own guests, and also they should attend the Getting Started call to explode their business. Why everyone should attend the next local event, or corporate event. If you have an out of town guest coming into an area, this should also be spotlighted. These are just some quick points to make the call the best it can be.


Your friend and student,

Sean G Murphy

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