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Everything You Need To Know About A Proper Gout Diagnosis And Treatment

Gout is a painful joint disease which occurs when uric acid is crystallized in the joints. Thanks to the revolution in the field of medicine where gout diagnosis has been carried out with much ease to minimize the frequency of gout attacks. One of the common symptoms of gout is severe pain followed by inflammation and redness. The pain sometimes becomes unbearable and even any light touch can give you a burning sensation. With accurate diagnosis and right medication, gout and its severe attacks can be avoided.

Gout Diagnosis Method

Gout diagnosis is carried out with clinical manifestations. Doctors normally conduct different types of tests like analyzing blood or examining tissues to find traces of uric acid and its level. If a patient is assumed with gout in the first step, then an X-ray is conducted to understand the condition of joint.

If X-ray reveals bone erosions, then patient is diagnosed to suffer from chronic gout. In this regard, it is important to mention that X-rays are taken to understand the causes of pain, its type and other complex medical issues. After doctors confirm that a patient is suffering from gout, the second step of blood test is done to know the level of uric acid in the body. Doctors even say that in some cases uric acid level is found to be normal, but still patients suffer from gout symptoms.

Sometimes gout is diagnosed by aspirating joints. In this procedure, an anesthetic numbs the joint. With the use of syringe and needle, joint fluid sample is removed for medical analysis. If the patient’s joint is suffering from gout the fluid will have cottage cheese like appearance compared to normal and healthy joint fluids. The diseased joint fluid is sent to lab for further analysis to confirm visualization of acid crystals in joint. After the final result, the doctor starts with treatment and medicines are prescribed accordingly.

Gout Treatment

Other than medicines, doctors recommend a strict change in diet plan where foods with high pruine are suggested to be avoided. Thus, foods like red meat, alcoholic beverages etc are to be removed from your new diet. So, what is purine? Purine is chemical which breaks down into uric acid and forms crystals in the joints. Last of all, it ends up in sudden painful gout attack. Thus, less purine consumption results in less uric build up.

Oral medicine like allupurional is recommended by doctors to prevent formation of uric acid build up in the joints. Colchicine is also recommended by doctors to relive patient from inflammatory reaction and minimize pain.

Along with medicines, doctors recommend patients to follow a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet. Exercises are recommended to fight back gout. However, certain precautionary measure must be considered during exercise. Any type of performance or movements of exercise involving stress in joints must be avoided or else your situation might get worse. Light free hand exercise is considered helpful. If gout patient is over weight, doctors recommend them to lose weight as early as possible so that body gains power to fight gout and prevent sudden gout attacks. If you suspect to suffer from gout symptoms, go for a gout diagnosis now, before it’s too late.

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