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Famous jeans brands for men and women

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Jeans play a major role whenever the topic is on clothing. It is made of denim or dungaree cloth. The jeans are of many styles such as trousers, which are called blue jeans. Waist overalls were the first name for jeans. To hide the dirt the jeans were first colored in indigo as it is a darker color. To make the jeans stronger especially on pockets, rivets are mainly used it. Jeans first came in two styles, brown cotton duck and indigo blue. Jeans have been so popular in the history of fashion for so long until now as it’s for both men and women also children. Jeans usually have zippers in front for men and women, the zippers are on the side. The first-ever jeans pair was washed by a retailer of a boutique in the New York East Village to get a used worn effect which also became a new fashion. For the dyeing of jeans annually twenty thousand tons of indigo is produced. Around 225 pairs of jeans can be made from one bale of cotton. Statistically, every person owns on average 5-7 pairs of blue jeans on average. At certain places, blue jeans were banned too in schools, theatres, and restaurants as they were seen as a form of rebellion against conformism in the 50s. Amongst all continents, Asia produces 50% of denim specifically India, Bangladesh, and China.


The design for the men’s jeans is straightly cut extending across the leg, dominated by the hip and wide net. Whereas for the women jeans come with a narrow waist and hip, long leg length, and vertical hip. The waist sizes of the women’s jeans are more varied than the men’s jeans waist sizes. To follow the fashion or to stay in fashion with upgraded design ls and materials used in making of the jeans many brands have taken place in the history competing and providing best clothing experience to the customers for the good looks and comfort.


Armani Jeans (ﺟﯾﻧز ارﻣﺎﻧﻲ)

Armani is a luxury fashion Italian house that is founded by Giorgio Armani. The brand designs manufacture distributes and retail jeans in many countries. The jeans by Armani are labeled as one of the best-known jeans in the world and their quality proves and satisfies the customers every time they experience the jeans-wearing.



It is also an Italian fashion luxury house founded by Mario Prada in 1913. Ready-to-wear is specialized by Prada for both men and women in the form of denim jeans. The public also freaks out at it as it is one of the most successful brands in quality products such as expensive with brilliant and updated jeans designs.


Louis Vuitton

The brand is popular and is also known for its initials LV. It is a French fashion house full of luxury goods founded by Louis Vuitton in 1854. Talking about the jeans LV makes authentic regular jeans for both males and females. As it’s ready to wear is the worlds most valuable and updated. It’s a name of simplicity but at the same time elegant.  LV monogram is recognizable by the public all over the world. It is popular because of its good quality, exclusivity, and innovation that makes the recipe perfect for unlimited success.



Jeans being one of the most wanted outfits have crossed borders, classes, and social cultures around the world no matter what the price is or the brand is jeans have become the necessity of people in clothing. You can purchase Armani jeans (ﺟﯾﻧز ارﻣﺎﻧﻲ) from Brandrange.

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