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Fast Sciatic Nerve Treatment – Top 3 Reasons to Use an Infrared Heating Pad

Living with sciatic nerve pain is no easy feat. There is nothing simple about it. The pain can range from a small aggravation to a life altering menace. Treatment is hard, finding something that you can rely on at home between doctors appointments is even harder. There is good news though, infrared heat is becoming a common term in sciatica forums. Many sciaticans are realizing the benefits infrared heat has for that deep muscle pain and how it can help them.

Using Infrared Heat for Fast Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief:

1 – Reach the pain on it’s deepest level – unlike traditional heating pads, infrared heat goes straight to the source of the pain. It penetrates deep into muscle tissue, bone, or joints to alleviate discomfort. In a matter of minutes, this special heat is at the source of the pain, yet remains gentle on the outer layer of the skin. Because it heats evenly, an infrared heating pad can be used for prolonged periods of time, allowing for fast sciatic nerve pain relief.

2 – Expand Blood Vessels in the Affected Area – while blood flow may not be the primary cause for sciatica, there are many blood vessels around the sciatic nerve. During a sciatic flare, the muscles surrounding the sciatic nerve become inflamed, putting pressure on the blood vessels that sit closest to the nerve. Expanding these blood vessels will relieve some of the pain. Because infrared heat works so quickly, it can provide fast sciatic nerve pain relief by rapidly targeting those blood vessels.

3 – Heal Damaged Cells– there is much talk about the importance of the cells in our bodies and how they affect our everyday life. Scientists are learning more and more how these tiny cells affect every aspect of our life. ‘Wear and Tear’ on the body creates damage for these precious cells. Using Infrared heating is able to reach and heal these cells, enhancing your overall quality of life.

Source by Sarah Neve

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