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Four Reasons Why You Should Consider Having a Mole and Wart Removal

People of all ages can have multiple warts and moles on their bodies. Caused by papillomavirus, warts though generally harmless can be embarrassing and may cause itching or painful feeling especially if they grow on your feet. Moles are another skin growth that are acquired at birth or developed through time by being exposed to the sun. Warts and moles could be light, dark or black in color. Some moles are colored red too.

This article outlines a variety of reasons why you should have a mole and wart removal and the benefits it could give.

To enhance your beauty

Imagine your skin a few years back, maybe when you were in your teens. As people mature or by being infected by others, skin growths appear on the skin. While some warts disappear on their own, there are stubborn and big warts that can disfigure your skin.

Though most moles are generally not a health issue, they can also affect people’s perception of you for beauty for many means having a flawless and clear skin. So for aesthetic reason and to enhance the overall appearance of a person, people resort to mole and wart removal procedure.

To boost self confidence

Imagine yourself having warts on your face or your fingers or a big mole perhaps on the face? Would you feel good? Of course not. Although people won’t tell a word, their stare on the dirt like thing on the face and uneven skin appearance because of warts is enough to make you feel embarrassed.

Having your wart or mole removed will enable you to walk and talk to people freely without inhibition and without anything to hide. When I was in my teens I used to wear pants because of a big stubborn wart on my leg which bothered me a lot. But when the doctor removed the wart, my skin was evened out. I regained my self esteem and finally was able to wear a dress once again.

To keep the warts from spreading

To keep the warts from spreading to some parts of the body or to members of your family, it is important to remove them. The virus can be spread through contact and use of personal belongings of an infected individual. One of the warts that need to be addressed immediately are the genital warts for they can spread easily through sexual contact. Hundreds of common warts can affect and grow on the human body actually.

The spread of warts varies from person to person and warts can cover your body if the necessary preventive measures to stop the spread of the virus are not done. Statistics states that 30% of our society has some type of warts on their bodies and aside from being a cosmetic bother, they are not good to see especially when they grow on the face, hands and other exposed parts of the skin. Boosting the immune system is one way to stop the warts from spreading or prevent future outbreaks. Shaving in infected areas is not recommended because scraping will spread the virus.

To eliminate cancerous skin growth

Some moles are cancerous so they should be removed. If you see a mole increasing in size, with ragged edges notched or blurred or the boarders being uneven, be on the alert. Moles exhibiting blue or red color or when they become larger than a pencil eraser or constantly changing in size, painful, bleeding and with pus discharge are signs of a cancerous skin growth.

Moles that are too big may bleed once rubbed against an object. They are somewhat annoying because some of our activities can be restricted by them. Just imagine not having to scratch your back or some parts of the body because of the presence of moles and warts there or not being able to touch your face or put make up freely because you are evading a mole on your face?

Various mole and wart removal remedies abound to keep all these problems from ever occurring to you and to get back your skin from being normal and flawless. Books and products have been made to guide you along in the selection of wart and mole removal procedure suited to your budget or needs.

Source by Vanesa Valenciano

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