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Gifts of Grief

Grief is something that easily sneaks up on us at times. We may have some indication that it’s almost upon us, but many times we know don’t until we are deep within it.

Grief isn’t something to fear nor is it something to run from. It is something to embrace and accept the gifts it may have hiding within it.

Mom passed when I was 13 years old. I remember barely able to stand or walk at the funeral. Sitting in the front row and the Minister spoke of her (they were good friends), but all I could do was sob thinking I would never see her again.

My life was forever changed from what I had known.

Fast forward many years later. The first time I went to her grave site was at the 30 year anniversary of her passing. She isn’t there, she’s everywhere. She’s with me now. I was right in that I have not seen her other than in pictures, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t here.

Grief may come knocking at your door sometimes at the smallest of things.

Maybe a flower sprouting up out of the ground brings a wave of emotion. This could happen if the flower was their favorite flower or maybe you planted a garden with your loved one.

Let the emotion come to you, let the tears clear out what it needs to. Think of the wonderful memories you shared, planting, weeding, picking the flowers. Maybe you smell the wonderful scent of a particular flower at times when it is no where to be seen. Smile, enjoy the thought your loved one is with you and sharing this moment, right now.

The gift of grief in this situation is you remember the time you spent together doing something you both enjoyed.

Grief may come knocking as you revisit places you have been.

Mom used to take us to different parks and places where we could have picnics and then go for small hikes. I’ve revisited these places over my adult life and I’m always transported back to when I was a child. I admire her for bringing us to these places, sometimes as the only adult (generally 4-6 small children).

Many times the emotion is how proud I am of her and that is truly a gift. Other times grief is sprinkled in and the tears may come. And that’s OK.

When grief comes knocking, you always have the choice of answering the door or not. You can choose to stuff your emotions away, deep down inside or embrace them fully. Feel the emotions and see what is being offered.

If you are reading this, chances are you have experienced grief either with the loss of a loved one or a loss of some kind. We all experience it differently yet the same. It’s an emotion that comes and goes, ebbs and flows. It is like the ocean’s tide.

Feel the spray fully as it comes in and embraces you, and release the emotion as it goes back out, into the sea, leaving those special gifts.

Angel Blessings to you.

Source by Sue M Broome

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