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Greatest Gift For Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day will be here very soon. In about 2 weeks from now, all mothers around the world will be honoured on this special day.

To celebrate this special day, children are busy looking for the best gift to their beloved mothers. Teddy bears, flowers, jewelleries or even a vacation are highly sought after in search of a gift for mothers. But what actually a mother really wants?

A mother had always been there for their children; during the good times and even more on the bad days without ever asking for a return for what they have done. All the pain and discomfort she went through during the 9 months of pregnancy, the terrible labour pain on the day the children are born, the sleepless nights to look and care for the children when others are having a good night sleep, the awful worries even when the children are only down with a common cold, then came the days when she was left with a frightful thoughts thinking that something might happen to the children when the children came back late at night and did not give her a call and so on. All this did not end when their children has turned into adult. Mothers are probably the most concerned and heart-broken on the days the children cried when they did badly in their exams, have problem in relationship, lost a job; basically any day that things did not turn out so smoothly and their children are unable to cope up with it – but most of the time they just won’t show it to us because don’t want the children to fall apart even worse. A mother will always try to be strong for their children even when everything seems slipping out of their hands.

So, the question is will a gift on this mother’s day repay all the sufferings and sacrifices a mother had went through to see what their children has become? Definitely not. But don’t get me wrong. I don’t mean that we all should stop giving our mothers a gift on this special day, in fact, why not do it on other days as well just to show how much we care and love her? Of course, even if we give our mothers a gift everyday, we will still unable to repay the slightest sacrifice she had done us to bring us up. All these gifts are not meant to repay her, but it is meant only as a symbol of our love and care for her. Even if we are unable to buy any gift at all, I am very sure that our mothers wouldn’t mind at all.

A mother once told that the best gift she had was on the day her children was born. Yes, YOU are actually the best gift for your mom. And your thought and love for her makes you the greatest gift a mother could ask for. So, don’t just send our mothers a gift – it is only a symbol anyway. Why not let your mother has the greatest gift of her life? Pick up the phone, call her or even better to pay her a visit. Listening to your voice and having you around will be the greatest joy of her day. And remember to continue doing it all year round. Happy Mother’s Day.

Source by Hafizah Nurain Tengku Sidek

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