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Green Lipped Mussel and Cancer Treatment

Perna Canaliculus, also known as green-lipped mussel (GLM), is a shellfish commonly found in New Zealand popular as a traditional delicacy and for its therapeutic benefits. Green lipped mussels are gathered or harvested and shipped to other countries as a food or processed into bottled supplements.

Thousands of years ago the Maori, native people of New Zealand, consumed this particularly healthful shellfish raw. It is recorded that they never suffered from arthritis and very low rate of cancer among their peoples. Based on these facts, scientists have carried out numerous studies to discover link between green-lipped mussels and cancer treatment.

Scientists, to this day, are still conducting studies and experiments on the possibility of green-lipped mussels’ effect on cancer cells. While earlier studies have determined that green-shelled mussels’ medicinal components do not have any medicinal value for cancer treatment, this did not discourage scientists.

It even posed a greater challenge that motivated cancer researchers. That motivation led to further experiments which found that green lipped mussel components used were actually able to kill cancer cells in test tubes. Although, it is not guaranteed that the same results apply when GLM components are in the actual human body, in the scientific world, any substance that can kill cancer cells are already considered as anti-cancer.

Despite all the disagreement on claims regarding the medicinal properties of green shelled mussels and what they can do to cancer cells, scientists are still hopeful of a ground breaking discovery.

Considering that cancer is a deadly disease that is very difficult to treat, and is a growing concern worldwide, anything that gives hope is worth looking into. Green lipped mussel and cancer treatment is definitely something worth continuous probing, and provides great hope in the field of cancer research.

The traditional forms of cancer treatment such as chemotherapy and radiation can be taxing to the human body. Chemotherapy and radiation kills cancer cells but they also kill good cells. As a health supplement green lipped mussel is still highly beneficial to cancer patients undergoing regular treatment.

While on chemotherapy or radiation, the body needs all the help it can get to be able to withstand the harmful effect of these cancer treatments to health. Since GLM supplements are all-natural, it can only bring positive effects to the body. In cases of arthritis patients, GLMs are able to repair damage joint tissues and restore it back to its original state.

Although we have a long way to go in finding a cure for cancer, finding the best alternative treatment is not far off. These wholesome mussels have also been proven to be a great way to prevent diseases, including cancer. For now, as we wait for green lipped mussel and cancer to be an established connection that officially counts as an actual alternative treatment, we can be sure that green shelled mussels does great wonders to your health.

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