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Hemorrhoids – They Are a Pain the Butt!

What are hemorrhoids and what do I have to do to relieve the discomfort? They are also known as piles and they are caused from too much pressure on the anal veins that can result in either external or internal hemorrhoids.

Internal hemorrhoids have no lump outside the anal area that can be seen. While external hemorrhoids can be easier to see they can also be the most painful. There are many people in the world who suffer from hemorrhoids and mostly occur in people over the age of fifty. There are many ways to deal with hemorrhoids but one of the simplest methods is the sitz bath. A sitz bath can actually relive some of the discomfort and reduce the swelling.

What is a sitz bath? It's a bath where you sit in warm water that covers your buttocks and hips. The idea is that sitting in the warm water will help more blood to reach the anal area which can help promote healing and help with any discomfort from the hemorrhoids. It is a kind of hydrotherapy or water therapy for hemorrhoids.

You can actually buy a sitz bath which is a plastic bath that fits over a toilet. However, using your bath tub is probably the simplest way to have a sitz bath. Fill up your bath with warm water. You want it warm enough to be comfortable but not too hot. Again, the water needs to cover your buttocks and hips and it is recommended that you partially lie down rather than sit in the bath to relieve any pressure on the anal area.

You may also want to add some aromatherapy oils to the water to help you relax. Choose your favorite oil but using Lavender, Melissa or Valerian Oil make for a great relaxing bath. Another good choice is adding epsom salts to the water which is recommended by many practitioners. Epsom salts helps to draw toxins out of the body, reduces swelling and relaxes muscles. As well, epsom salt is also known for helping to relieve inflammation and pain. Epsom salts can be purchased from most drug stores.

You will want to stay in the bath for about twenty to thirty minutes several times a week to promote healing. When you get out of the bath you will want to use a clean, cotton towel to dry the area. Make sure you don't rub but pat the area dry with the towel. If you like you can also let the area air dry which some practitioners recommend so you aren't causing any distress to the area again.

Source by Joni Harvey

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