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Hints on Choosing Great Commercial Kitchen Equipment

An integral part of any hospitality focused business is the kitchen equipment. But there’s no question that selecting the right tools of the trade can be overwhelming. Therefore, a great list of top tips has been provided below to take out some of the guess work.

Helpful Hint #1:

Make sure you consider the materials that your utensils are made of as they can alter the taste of the food. There are a large range of pots and pans available – purchase the ones that will compliment your restaurant. Always ensure that they have a solid base that can withstand ongoing high temperatures and rigorous wear and tear. Once you have them in the kitchen ensure that you have a good place to store them. Not only should they be up out of the way, but sorted by how often they are used.

Helpful Hint #2:

Don’t cut corners when buying big ticket items like dishwashers, ovens and stoves. They are a massive investment and an essential to keeping the kitchen running efficiently. It’s really important to take the time to do some in-depth research. Ask other people you know in the business about their equipment, what they would and wouldn’t do next time and if there’s anything they would want from their next purchase. Also, negotiate and purchase extended warranties – it could save you thousands!

Helpful Hint #3:

Always buy items that meet safety guidelines. If anything happens, it could put you, your staff and patrons in serious danger. In some cases, insurance policies will not pay out if they determine that the equipment at fault did not meet safety standards.

Helpful Hint #4:

Never compromise on the quality of your knives. Premium knives will allow your chefs and cooks to work faster and deliver exquisitely presented food. This essential tool is used on just about everything that is prepared. However, don’t expect that one style of knife will do the trick for everything. Purchase a selection of different knives to ensure that fish can be filleted properly, bread can be cut with precision and vegetables can be prepared properly.

Helpful Hint #5:

Be aware of the variations of intensity in the gas stoves you buy. The lower the BTU the slower the food will heat, which allows for more control in difficult dishes. When the BTU is high, it means that the food will heat faster and can mean that overcooking can occur. The power that a commercial gas stove can provide is far greater than domestic varieties. Never assume that your requirements in a commercial kitchen will be the same as at home.

Helpful Hint #6:

Don’t forget about the accessories. In most cases, the equipment won’t come with everything that is required. To move the equipment with ease when cleaning, purchase casters to fit to the bottom. You will also need hoses and connectors for gas stoves.

Source by Janes Taylor

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