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Home Based Business Ideas – Part 2

Following on from my original article home based business ideas, I have researched some other business ideas hopefully this can be of some help.

Home Mailing Business.

This is were you sign up to a business which needs mailers to help with there mailing Campaigns.
They provide you with the a mailing pack which contains

* Envelopes

* Mail contents

* Stamps (or free post number)

* Mailing lists

Some company's offer name and address sticky labels which are very easy and less time consuming to apply but most will require you to write the name and addresses on to the letters. This is the time consuming part of the business and depending on the business you signed up to you will have to hit target fresh holds to make your money.

The norm would be for them to pay you based on the percentage that you mail (example: You may be paid per 100 or a 1000 envelopes you mail.)

One thing to remember is that it can take a lot of time to mail up 1000 letters. You then have to post (mail) the letters to there forwarding addresses. So just take into consideration when signing up to these company's that there are targets to be reach to earn your money.

Be realistic in the time it can take to reach there pay targets this may not be a easy part time business because of the time needed to reach your pay targets but like any business you start up if you put your mind to it anything can be achieved .


A home based catalog business is were you sign up to a catalog company as a agent, The catalog company then provides you with a sellers pack which consist of (example).

* A cataloger of products to sell.

* Order forms.

* Protective sleeves for the catalog's.

You then set about dropping the catalog's of f door to door to your customers, Most company's have set routes for you to work to make sure you a not competing with there other agents.

One thing to remember is that the catalog's you are dropping off are your complete business so always do your up most to protect them that's the reason the protective sleeve's are given to you with your start up pack so use them when you are dropping off the catalog's , you leave a pick up time and date inside the sleeve to let your customers no when you are coming to collect.

When collecting the catalog's you check to see If a order has been made you will then contact the catalog company to place the orders by phone or online.

The orders are made in one bulk order to be delivered to your address it will be your responsibility to separate the orders which you then will have to deliver to your customers and collect there money you then have to send a payment to the catalog company which will be there R, R, P Of the items ordered.

The catalog company adds a percentage on top which is what you earn this is the price that is printed in the catalogs which your customers see. The only catch with this business is that you might find yourself running back an forth, Collecting and dropping off were people are out working and so on.

There is another way to market this business and that is to setup a website and advertise. The products online on auction site's like eBay etc, This means you can reach a much greater customer base. You can process the orders a lot quicker and by excepting online payments you can offer a complete online shopping experience.

Most catalog company offer a online order service this can be made immediately after a sale has been made saving a lot of time.

You will charge a postage and packing fee to cover the cost of postage and shipping, I did notice that the migratory of catalog company's offered to post direct to your customer for a postage fee.

If you really have a head for success you could even incorporate both ideas listed for your catalog business and really boost your potential.

Premium rate phone lines

This business requires you to buy premium rate phone numbers which are then advertised by you to the public you work on a percentage basis with the company that provides the phone lines.

* There is normally a setup fee for the numbers to be registered in your name.

* The call charges are set per minute which you take a percentage of the call charge.

This can be as much as 50% so you can see with the right advertising there is a big potential to make a tidy income from this business.

Most of the premium rate company's offer a website setup or a single splash page.

To advertise your phone lines with the website offers you will be able to add your own content and change the site to your requirements as with the single web page were you are restricted to just that page.

One great way to advertise is to advertise in magazines publications which can be directly associated to the category of your phone lines.

You can even place ad's in local papers or if you really want to advertise in a big way you can use TV or Radio ad's this will cost a lot more then the other ways to advertise but you will broadcast to a greater audience, This could be something to think about in the future once you have your business setup and making money.

There are a number of categories associated with premium rate phone lines these are just a few to give you a idea.

* Sports Lines

* Adult

* Horoscope

* Lottery results

You just need to do your research and find out what's the most popular phone line category and what the public are willing pay to call a premium rate line.

Source by Cole Smith

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