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Home Based Business Ideas – Why You Need to Use Video

Home based business ideas for success typically require you to get your message out to the masses, and there’s no better way to do this than through the use of video.

Adding video to your marketing strategy is becoming a must have in your network marketing lead building efforts. It allows you to build and brand your image, let’s call it your You Inc. When prospecting people for your business, especially over the internet, how do you break down the trust barriers with someone who doesn’t know you? A website with words effectively written by someone with excellent copy writing skills can bring significant returns for your network marketing business. But good copy writing is a skill that is developed over a period of time and it doesn’t allow people to connect and relate to you quickly.

Instead, pull out a camera and video yourself sharing your story. Talk about your story, interests, hobbies, and more. Share your passions, victories and frustrations as you work from home in a home based business. People who come across your You Inc will see and hear you. As they hear your story, it will give them the opportunity to connect and relate to you.

This is the sweet spot you need to be in for your business. The trust barriers will begin to come down and if a strong connection is made, the prospect will literally call you to join your MLM or home based business opportunity.

Think about this, what would you rather do? Would you like to chase people down to join your business or would you like people to call you to join your network marketing company?

Here are some things to keep in mind when adding video to your home based business lead generation efforts:

1. Get a good webcam or small camera that takes video. You can get quality at low cost. Don’t go too low, but also don’t break the bank. I recommend the Logitech 9000 for a webcam and a Canon Digital Elph camera which takes digital photos in addition to good quality video with audio.

2. Setup a YouTube account to easily upload your videos which will then allow you to display them on almost any webpage. YouTube receives some of the highest traffic on the internet and is the first location you need to put your videos.

3. When thinking about a storyboard for each 3-5 minute video you produce, be creative and vary the scenery in which you film your videos.

4. Enough can’t be said about having a smile and a passionate delivery when you film your videos. You don’t need to be over the top, but have some excitement in your voice with some smiles mixed in from time to time.

Good luck in your video production efforts for your home based business!

Now when you connect video with an online marketing funnel your results will be significant.

Source by John Samiski

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