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Home Business Shocker – Part 2 – Making a Case For a Fair, Democratic Home Business

In the previous article, we focused on a simple shocking realization:

…for every 3000 people who are thinking about a home business..there is only ONE person who is also thinking about some kind of primary education to explain how a home business works.

HELLO! What’s wrong with this SHOCKING picture?

REALITY: Every person has a desire for something better. Every person would welcome an opportunity to be better but they need to be shown how to make extra money from home…

CASE for EQUALITY: Common premises:

  • Small business owners are more successful with network marketing opportunities because of their previous communication, personnel and marketing experiences
  • Network marketing opportunities are frequently shared with neighbours, relatives and acquaintances with no previous business experience
  • Profitable network marketing business is not built by sponsoring more successful business owners but by working with average people with above average dreams who also wish to enjoy a better lifestyle for their families
  • This industry does a very poor job in educating people about the true business-building concepts and it’s not about product or company or guru presenter.

IS IT POSSIBLE for real equality in this unique business model based on 3 simple business building concepts that’s open and fair for everybody? Everyone should know and practise them by heart. Do you?


Scene the internet for a work at home business opportunity

Have you made these kinds of encounters:

  • Earn up to $100 per hour with your own Home Business and you can join for here
  • Online training videos help you Watch, Listen, and Learn your way to Internet Marketing Success.
  • No experience necessary. We want newbies. We will build your site and teach you how to market online.
  • All the tools and training you need..nice tidy package that’s affordable and pays out 5-figure income.
  • Discover the hottest new home business opportunity. Collect your share of the exploding Money Pool tonight. The faster you take action…the more money you’ll learn in real time.

Scene two…attend a network marketing meeting at a house or hotel room

1. Fill out a form about goals and dreams…share with others..

2. Watch a video about product and testimonials

3. Have a sample of product, read brochure, ask questions

4. Entry positions and compensation plan explained..get 3 who get 3 who get 3

5. Join, and repeat this process, offline or online, to make your commissions

Or perhaps you can watch a website or listen to a conference call that covers these points

Scene three: primary business education first

If you are a home business opportunity seeker, how would you answer these FOUR BIG QUESTIONS…nothing complicated here..

  • What are the four ways in growing an income?
  • What are the four fastest growing trends in a home business?
  • What are the four main questions to ask about a network marketing business?
  • What four factors will help to change your mindset to positive beliefs and actions?

Some simple actions you can do today:

  • Watch a professional presentation that answers these basic questions
  • Learn definitions via diagrams of the 3 main concepts that make network marketing work
  • Start to develop positive self-affirmations you deserve something better
  • REALITY you will learn is that this network marketing business is not about selling a bottle of pills or whatever else after explaining benefits and compensation plan.

    It is the one and only opportunity where you can leverage professional information, duplicate a simple democratic plan that everyone can do and multiply residual profits over and over again.

    Communication, personal development and training..all standardized in one simple PRIMARY FORMAT. Nothing can be more basic, more democratic, more life-changing.

    Everybody has the ability to learn and understand simple actions.

    If you had this kind of home business education would you say NO?

    Does this make sense to you?

    Now you are ready to change.. to embrace an extraordinary product and company.

    My job is to help you get this primary education first. Then you can pass it on to others who can pass it on to others and so on.

    Questions and comments are always welcome.

    Source by Anne Marie Berukoff

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