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How Can You CLAIM To Be A Leader?

Many are either, elected, selected, and/ or, ascend to positions of leadership, but far fewer, ever, become real, meaningful, effective leaders! Each individual must, focus on his personal reasons, and focus on, why he wants to lead, and what he must do, before he may CLAIM, to be a leader! After more than four decades of involvement, in nearly all areas of leadership, and planning, from identifying, qualifying, training, and developing, thousands of actual, and/ or, potential leaders, to serving, several times, as a leader, for a variety of organizations, I have given, much thought, to what it means, to be a leader, and the commitment, responsibility, etc, it involves. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, some of what’s involved, and why it matters.

1. Character; creative; caring; coordinate: Do you, truly, have the quality of character, genuine leaders, must possess? Are you willing, and able, to fully consider, needs, goals, priorities, etc, evaluate options and alternatives, and proceed, consistently, in a creative way? Are you, caring, enough, to coordinate others, for the common good, and a meeting – of – the – minds?

2. Leading; listen; learn: How can one lead, effectively, unless he assumes the inherent responsibility, of, truly, leading? This begins with effective listening (instead of dominating conversations), and learning from every conversation, and experience!

3. Relevant; reliable; responsive/ responsible: Leading means, proceeding, consistently, with relevant focus, and taking the effort, to implement reliable leadership! If one doesn’t emphasize, being responsive to the needs of his stakeholders, and the organization, he isn’t a leader! Great leaders realize, they are responsible, for the relevant, sustainable direction, of their group!

4. Integrity; innovative; imagination: One’s integrity must be absolute, or others, will stop following, and believing in you! When this is combined with a willingness, and ability to provide innovative direction, based on having a well – developed, relevant imagination, you begin to earn the right, to be considered, a leader!

5. Make mark; motivate; mention: If you want others to listen, and take the commitment, it’s important to mention, every effort, and action, others participate in! To make one’s mark, for the better, he must motivate and inspire, those he leads, in a focused, relevant, sustainable, positive manner!

Do you have, what it takes, to, truly, CLAIM, to be a real leader? Are you, up to the task, and responsibility?

Source by Richard Brody

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