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How Rapid Fluctuation of Uric Acid Triggers Gout Attack

For gout patient who is having a long term hyperuricemia, chances are high that he will get a gout attack, be it a mild joint discomfort or a serious inflamed and swollen feet, after he has taken a meal with some high purine food.

This is because high purine food will cause in a surge of uric acid in the blood after the food is digested and absorbed. This sudden increase of uric acid concentration will increase the rate of crystallization of urate crystals in the joint which kick start the immune reactions that bring the gout attack sensation to the victim.

People often thought it is the sudden increase of purine or uric acid concentration that causes the gout attack. But there is another condition which is exactly the opposite – the sudden drop of uric acid level in the body will, too, triggers the gouty inflammation and sometimes the pain is more severe that the usual gout attacks.

Gout attacks when the internal ‘immune police’ detected the existence of urate crystals floating around in the synovial fluid of the joints. Usually, it happens during the formation of new crystals because of the sudden increase in uric acid concentration.

After the inflammation and the swelling subsides and the gouty pain disappeared, it does not mean those crystals have disappeared too. It is not easy for those fine tiny urate stones to get out of the joints through the synovial membrane. Instead, those crystals will deposit on the internal surfaces of the joints waiting to be dissolved and carried away back to the bloodstream for removal.

In most cases, the blood uric acid level of the patient always remain on the high side which does not provide any room for the re-absorption of the urate crystals. As the incidents of gout attack repeat, more and more crystals will deposit inside the joints which makes it much easier for the attacks to be activated.

Then at certain point the patient decided to go for some alternative treatments such as taking high doses of Vitamin C or drinking ionized alkaline or some alkalizing calcium ions. At the beginning of these treatments, the uric acid level in the blood will drop significantly and this gives way for the old hidden urate crystals to go through a reversal process where it will dissolve into the body interstitial fluid and then carried out by the blood to the kidney for removal through the urine.

If this reversal process happens too sudden, this will ‘stir up’ those urate crystals sediments on the internal surfaces of the joints and a huge amount of those tiny needle like crystals stone will float around the joints which triggers the exact same or more serious gout attack.

If you are going try some alternative treatments for gout, make sure you go through that therapy gradually. I can understand how desperate you want to get rid of the notorious disease, but you have to understand that it took years for those crystals to form in your joints. Thus, it should take about the same time for it to dissolve away.

Source by Heemen Ee

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