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How Stem Cells Work?

Health care is one of the most important features and basic necessities in the lives of people over all. Since the existence of life on this planet earth people have been facing health related issues and medical scientists have helped people in getting rid of these health disorders. There have been a number of diseases which are considered to be incurable. These diseases also include chronic diseases. But with the latest advancements even chronic diseases have now become curable. It has been made possible with the help of stem cells therapy. In this process stem cells are injected in the body of the person suffering from disease. These cells are the new source of curing chronic diseases like permanent cure for diabetes, cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases, spinal cord injuries, cerebral palsy, autism, organ replacement like liver and renal, dental surgery, Parkinson’s disease, anti aging, depression, baldness, cancer, retinitis, joint pain, plastic surgery etc and a list of such many diseases.

Let us see how stem cells work. These cells are immature cells which are extracted from the placenta due to the fact that these cells are specialized to develop and produce in to different types of cells. When these cells are injected in the body of a diseased person, they secrete some growth factors. These growth factors attract the blood vessels to assist them in forming new blood cells. These new blood cells replace the old and damaged cells resulting in healing of the body from disorder. In this way person recovers from his chronic disease without any kind of surgery or any other painful procedure.

The Best treatment for the disorders with the help of stem cells takes place in Mexico. The Most experienced physician consulted for this kind of therapy is Dr. Gonzalez. He can speak English and Spanish fluently. He has been in this field since last twenty years. Secondly fare cost to Mexico is very low. For example going to USA costs $53,000 while to Mexico it costs only $19,000. Moreover now facilities are available which can enable a person to have treatment in his hotel where he will be staying. He will not have to visit any Mexican hospital. The most exciting feature is that all of us know that Mexico is the most attractive spot for tourists. When one goes for the medical tour, he also manages to make use of the chance to enjoy vacations there along with having delicious food.

In short it is stated that stem cells are the latest way to treat chronic diseases. It enables a person to get rid of the diseases without any kind of surgery or any other painful process. Success rate of this treatment is very good and people can rely on it without any doubt. As mentioned earlier, Dr. Gonzalez is the most experienced doctor in this field, the success of this type of treatment is very much high. More and more people are getting benefit out of this type of treatment.

Source by Poonam Pandey

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