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How to Compare Mortgages and Get the Best Deal

In today's real estate market, everyone is looking for ways to make their dollar work even harder for them. Whether you're a first time home buyer or an existing homeowner, being smart about your mortgage means looking for the best possible deal for your unique needs. Fortunately, lenders and banks now make it possible for you to compare mortgages to find the perfect plan. Here's how it works.

Figuring Out Which Mortgage is Right for You

With a shorter term mortgage, you'll may save thousands of dollars overall in interest payments, but you need to be prepared for a substantially higher monthly payment. Many people are comfortable with a longer term mortgage, but you'll pay more in interest over time. There are plenty of free financial calculators available to help you adjust for different home loan scenarios and compare mortgages to see which type is more in line with your budget.

Understanding What it All Means

When you start to compare mortgages, it can all seem overwhelming. How do you figure out your monthly principal and your interest payment? How much of your mortgage payment goes to each part? What is your marginal tax rate? Thankfully, with a simple, automatic download, your computer can calculate all of these questions with ease. Find out what your expected mortgage amount would be, what your monthly payment would be and much more. You can also learn what your potential income tax savings would be by deducting your mortgage interest.

Do-It-Yourself Tools and Professional Advice

In order to compare home loans with an online financial calculator, you'll simply input some numbers for different "what-if" scenarios and see what the results are. You'll learn how to accurately compare home loan options and see which one makes the best sense for you. Since no calculator can account for every possible circumstance, it's best to use these calculators as a guide to compare different home loan scenarios, and then consult with your financial advisor about creating a customized plan for your specific needs and budget. Still, using loan calculators is a quick and easy way to get a broad overview and help you make a confident decision about the right mortgage.

Calculate Your Financial Needs for a Variety of Issues

Mortgage comparison calculators aren't the only calculators available online. You can also see how much you'd save with a flat rate versus and ARM, how much of a difference extra mortgage payments can make, what you'll save in interest by refinancing and much more. Your potential savings really are just a few clicks away. Start to compare mortgages today and see how much money you could be putting in your pocket by getting the right home loan or refinancing into a lower interest rate. Lenders are ready to help you make the best decisions with your money, and the sooner you start, the more you could save.

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