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How to Cure Gout – 3 Sure-Fire Gout Remedies That Work

So you want to know how to cure gout? The fact is, there is no cure for gout. The good news is that gout is the easiest form of arthritis to treat and the pain can be eliminated fairly easily, sometimes within 24 hours. I've got some gout remedies for you that will knock out your gout pain fast and easy because they treat the underlying cause of gout, the build up of uric acid crystals in your joint, as well as the pain.

1. Charcoal Ingestion

The first and perhaps the most direct way to combat gout with charcoal is to ingest it. No, I don't mean eating charcoal chunks straight out of the bag, you have to mix just a little bit of it with water. Take 1/2 to 1 tsp. of charcoal and mix it with a reasonable amount of liquid of your choice and drink it. If you're having a tough time, try mixing it with a really strong-tasting liquid to mask the taste of charcoal.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar

You may not have heard of this before but apple cider vinegar is one of the best ways to naturally balance the body's ph. If you are experiencing a gout attack then you can also take 1 cup of vinegar and 6 cups of water and soak your affected joint in it. This will help with the swelling and the pain.

Another great way to use apple cider vinegar is to take 3 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and mix it with a glass of water. Drink this three times a day. This is great as a preventative measure or to supplement your other gout cures during an attack.

3. Cherries

Cherries contain anthocyanins which are a natural anti – inflammatory agent and work similar to how prescription medication does to reduce swelling and inflammation. Cherries are also a natural way to reduce the amount of uric acid in the body, making them practically a two in one way to cure gout.

Bonus Tip: Charcoal Compact

Another easy way to use charcoal for gout is to make a compact using it. For this you will need a special type of charcoal known as activated charcoal and some flax seeds. Take several teaspoons of flax seeds and add them to 1 cup of activated charcoal. Now slowly mix in warm water and grind it up until a paste is formed. Take this paste and apply it directly to the affected area and cover with a cloth. As mentioned before, charcoal does stain so use a cloth you won't mind throwing out.

Source by James Vang

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