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How to Treat a Sinus Infection By "Cleaning" Every Breath You Take

It is easy to spot a sinus infection, typical symptoms are having a cold, nasal congestion, headache, cough and in some cases fever.

There can be many factors which can trigger a sinus attack –

1. Allergies

2. Environmental irritants such as indoor and outdoor pollution

3. Emotional stress

Environmental irritants

There can be 2 types of pollution, indoor and outdoor.

Indoor pollution can be caused by –

o house dust mites which love to lurk in carpets, curtains, soft toys and upholstered furnishings

o household pets are a potent allergen

o fumes from gas cookers, cigarettes

o chemicals from perfume and cleaning fluids

o molds especially in older houses and in poorly ventilated homes

Outdoor pollution can be caused by –

o smog, smoke from factories, power stations

o ozone

o spores from grass, tree

It is impossible for us to clean the outdoor pollution but we can do something about the air you breathe in your house and work environment. Generally, there are many ways on how to treat a sinus infection and you can do so by taking certain precautions to control or even rid of such trigger factors such as molds, pollen, house dust mites, spores.

Dust mites

There are many types of dust mites and around two million can survive in one mattress and about 10% of the weight of an average pillow is made up of shed skin and house dust mites and one gram of dust may contain as many as 250,000 dust mite feces. They like to live in carpets, soft furnishings, soft toys and wool clothes. Most of us thought that the mites are the culprits in triggering a sinus infection but it is actually their droppings which are light and floating in the air and when they are inhaled, your allergic reactions will be triggered.

Killing dust mites is one way on how to treat a sinus infection and dust mites can be destroyed by freezing, temperatures over 131 degrees Fahrenheit and strong sunlight and the following are precautions which you can take to reduce these dust mites –

o encase your mattress in a special allergen-impermeable casing that allows water through but prevent mites from entering.

o wash your pillows in hot water every 2 weeks to rid the buildup of dust mites and avoid feather pillows.

o replace your carpets with tiles or vinyl flooring and if it is not economical, invest in quality vacuum cleaners which have tougher bags to prevent the droppings of dust mites and better exhaust filters.

o ensure good ventilation, by keeping the windows open or use air-conditioning which can filter the air to prevent heat and humidity that promotes growth of dust mites and mold.

o wash your soft toys with hot water regularly or even freeze them overnight in a plastic bag.

House pets

The best solution on how to treat a sinus infection is not to keep pets, but if you cannot part with your pets, then make sure they do not enter your bedroom and have them staying outdoors, regularly wash your pets and do not snuggle up to them.

Fumes from gas cookers and cigarettes

If you are a smoker, the best advice is to stop smoking and if you cannot, have a smoking area in your house. Replace gas heating to electric and purchase an electric gas stove but if it is not possible, then ensure that you have ceiling fans installed in your kitchen for better air circulation.

Chemicals from perfume and cleaning fluids

Make sure you have a well-ventilated home, avoid cosmetics which have added perfume or scents, aerosol sprays, lipsticks, perfumes, talcum powder and household products such as cleaning agents, pesticides and paints which can be hazardous in triggering a sinus infection.


Molds can be found almost everywhere indoors – in the bathrooms, bedrooms, refrigerators, carpets, wallpaper and garages. They thrive in damp houses and the best solution to reduce them is to have less dampness. Damp proof your house by using air conditioners and dehumidifiers, install an ultraviolet light to kill mold spores, throw away moldy food and wash shower curtains and wall regularly and keep your bathroom surfaces dry.

We have described the many ways on how to treat a sinus infection by changing your lifestyle and the air environment in your house and workplace but we know it is impossible to get rid of such allergens completely but these small changes can help you to reduce or even prevent incidences of a sinus infection.

Source by Megan Wong

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