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How to Treat Oozing Hemorrhoids

hemorrhoids are part of the normal human anatomy. They do cause some unease, being the cause of blood in our stool. But not to worry – in this article I will explain what they are and suggest the best possible cure which should take care of them in a heartbeat, hopefully even indefinitely (so far mine have gone for good).The best way to fight them is to keep your stool as soft as possible. Eating right, combined with proper exercise, such as walking and even running, may induce the symptoms and help fight them efficiently. In my own experience, some additional help is also imperative, so you know they would be dealt with more thoroughly and be taken by the source.

The symptoms of pathological hemorrhoids depend on the type present. Internal hemorrhoids usually present with painless bleeding stool covered in red blood, while external ones cause some swelling. Albeit causing some discomfort, there is nothing to worry about and in most cases, there are ways to stop the bleeding.

Hemorrhoids are, in most cases, benign. As mentioned above, the painless ones are the external hemorrhoids while the internal ones are not.

Recommended treatments include increasing overall fiber intake, maintaining hydration by oral fluids of various kinds, sitz baths and rest. When all measures fail, there is the possibility to undergo surgery.

The optimal way to fight hemorrhoids is to keep stool soft. This allows it to pass the anus more easily, which leads to decreased pressure and helps clean the bowels immediately after the urge occurs.

Feel well friends.

Source by Gal Rubin

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