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Independant Study Out of LSU Suggests Protandim May Serve As Cancer Prevention

Recent independent research out of LSU suggests that the nutritional supplement, Protandim, may help in the prevention of skin cancer. Protandim was shown to decrease skin tumor incidence in the study involving mice according to a recent peer review out of LSU.

This research supports early findings from Dr. Joe McCord who studied and found that Protandim, according to the company website, “actually signals the cells in your body to produce its own antioxidants enzymes, which provide thousands of times more antioxidant power than any food or conventional supplement”. And it’s this power that’s helping to prevent oxidative stress as we age.

Oxidative stress is known to as a major contributor to cancer development, heart disease, and diabetes. The cause of oxidative stress comes from free radicals in our cells. These free radicals “latch” onto healthy cells and destroy them causing oxidative stress. Up until the age of about 18 we are able to fight these free radicals from our own bodies production of antioxidants but as we age the formation of antioxidants starts to diminish. Hence the aging process begins and the resulting health issues(cancer, heart disease, and diabetes) which comes from getting older.

Protandim has been clinically proven to slow the aging process and resulting health issues. They are not saying that Protandim is a cure for these diseases but independent studies are showing real promise for this nutritional supplement. According to the study those promises may not be far away from reality.

Protandim is a NOT a consumable antioxident. It’s phytonutrients which are designed to signal your cells to produce powerful antioxidant enzymes which neutralize more free radicals than consumables.

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Source by Tony Estigoy

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