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Indian Companies Can Streamline Communications With Audio Conferencing

Audio conferencing is one of the most commonly used modes of remote communication that is used to maintain coordination between remotely located personnel. Users simply need to dial a country access number and provide the assigned PIN code from their fixed line or mobile phones to make voice calls with thousands of participants in order to streamline their communication requirements. Since these are scalable, companies of any size can deploy the same, with the provision for conveniently adding or deleting the number of users. Thus, these are suitable for large as well as growing organizations that are concerned about the size of the network needed to support inter- and intra-organizational audio conferencing.

India is a nascent market for teleconference calling as only a small fraction of the companies here relies on conferencing solutions for remote communication. It is estimated that the total revenue of the sector was close to $ 81.5 million, which shows that the market is only at its initial stages. However, many organizations have begun realizing the business benefits that this solution offers to them, including cost and time savings. Therefore, the industry has huge prospects in the country as most of the market remains untapped. Thus, it comes as no surprise that many Conferencing Service Providers (CSPs) have begun offering operator assisted as well as reservationless audio conferencing solutions to cater to different clientele.

Reservationless teleconferencing allows users to set up a multipoint conference call instantly and enjoy a rich audio calling experience in spite of the geographical distance between the participants. This service is perfect for organizations whose personnel need to coordinate with each other quite frequently and extensively use voice calls. CSPs rendering this service can customize it to suit the clients' needs and provide 24X7 customer support for smooth operations. They even offer additional support to the clients by assisting them in hosting Q&A sessions and providing recordings of the session and delivering post-conference reports. Users can easily set up these reservationless teleconferences from a website using the add-ons for Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes.

Operator assisted teleconferencing, on the other hand, is for large scale events that involve high-level personnel of the organization, like CEOs, COOs and CTOs, among others. High Fidelity (Hi-Fi) sound that remains crystal clear throughout the duration of the call is a key feature of this service, which makes it the preferred choice of organizations of all sizes, whether large or small. The whole event is moderated by an Event Manager, who takes care of all the conferencing requirements of the attendees. All participants can join the event conveniently and host large scale meetings, sensitive announcements, virtual seminars, Investor Relations calls, press briefings, legal hearings and crisis communication. Therefore, companies can make all types of inter- and intra-office business communication and optimize the process.

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