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Is Anti-Aging Actually Possible?

If you believe the news reports then we are only a moment away from an anti- aging pill.

Sadly there are a few problems with these reports.

1. They are wrong. Most news agencies will run a story on a mere sniff of a story, and most medical news is years away from reality.

2. Aging isn't seen as a disease and so doesn't attract the interest of governments and funding. A proper disease can attract corporate and public sponsorship.

3. There isn't even a fixed understanding of exactly what causes aging. If we look at the term anti-aging, we could say that it's something that is against aging or bringing some Latin into the understanding, something that comes before aging.

At this point we can see the consequences of aging much more easily than the causes.

The easiest way to think about aging is by looking at the things which we do know contribute to the breakdown in human bodies.

4. Excess sun exposure causes collagen confusion in your skin resulting in the thick heavy wrinkled look of the sun worshiper.

5. Smoking causes cancer which will stop you aging in a bad way, but has such a serious effect on circulation that your skin suffers like tanning but without the color.

6. Sugar consumption creates advanced glycation end products which drive inflammation.

7. Industrial vegetable oils severely affect circulation even more than smoking.

8. Gluten causes leaky gut in all humans which also drives inflammation.

9. Alcohol is not a health food it is a poison which disrupts the ability of your liver to detoxify and process fats and chemicals.

10. Environmental chemicals, including house hold cleaners.

11. Excess exercise is a stress on the body and causes increased oxidation.

12. Junk foods and processed foods which are mostly a chemical cocktail mixed in with a little of the original food mentioned on the label. Every cell in your body has to process and survive this toxic onslaught.

13. Many anti-aging creams and potions are just processed food for the skin and often contain ingredients unfit for human consumption.

So if you avoid these 13 issues you are in effect creating an anti-aging process for yourself without having to add anything into your diet or lifestyle.

Sometimes it's what we stop doing is even more important than what we add in. Of course the marketing world is trying to convince you that all your aging solutions lie in spending money on their products, and the more you spend the better.

Source by Ian Newton

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