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Is Night Anti Ageing Cream With Renovage Effective?

A night anti ageing cream with renovage is effective on telomere. The telomere (and you have Nobel Prize winning research to show it) is the portion of the DNA situated at the very end of your chromosome (your DNA in coiled form). The function of your telomere is twofold – firstly, it allows your chromosome (and thereby, your cell) to divide without losing any of its important life controlling information, and secondly, it prevents one chromosome from combining with another (non-homologous end joining and homologous recombination), which is very dangerous. No doubt that a telomere is very important part of your chromosomes.

The telomere gets shortened after each cell division and this essentially limits the number of divisions a cell can undergo. When a time comes that there is no telomere left to protect your chromosome from dividing without any loss to active DNA information, the cell has to stop dividing. What you have to know is that cell division is what allows for growth, tissue repair, skin regeneration, etc. It (in proper amounts) is essential for youth and health. Telomere is, thus, linked to the effects of ageing, including aged looking skin. The night anti ageing cream with renovage is effective, because it maintains telomere to an extent, thus delaying your ageing.

Night anti ageing cream with renovage works at the DNA level, and hence, you do not have to worry that its action is temporary or just for show. The cell regeneration factor of renovage also helps in limiting and removing wrinkles and lines, even promoting healing of wounds and cuts. It reduces pores and spots as well. In short, it not only delays ageing, but gives you younger skin (with new cells and all), as well as making you look younger.

So why use a night anti ageing cream with renovage? Why not a day cream? Bear in mind that skin re-grows and repairs best when it is relaxing, that is at night while you are sleeping (it is the same with your other organs, which is why sleep is so essential). Remember that babies grow most at night. The same is with your skin. Hence, renovage works best when used in night creams; which is why you have night anti ageing cream with renovage.

Source by Tom Billmore

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