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Is This the Wrong Time to Start a Work at Home Business?

The current economy is a subject on everybody’s lips right now. This is a growing global phenomenon. How long it will continue and how severe it will become before the economy starts to recover again is anyone’s guess, but what we do know is that many businesses are feeling threatened by the unknown elements of the present economic crisis.

In an atmosphere like this, when we see all around us that businesses are in severe debt and others going broke, would it be crazy to consider a new start up business at home? You might be surprised to learn that opportunities are still available to you.

If you want to start a new business but are afraid of failing, then learn a few things from those who have failed. One of the most common things we see in these bankrupt companies is a large amount of debt, but is debt a prerequisite for starting a business?

When starting your business think small. By doing so, you can buy limited materials to begin with, or start out with smaller; less expensive services as opposed to going for the most elaborate web site on the most expensive server!

You sell on the small amount of products or services you have or can produce, and use the income from this selling cycle to purchase your next round of services or materials. Any profits you take can be used to increase the business, should you be able to afford to not take the profits away. In this way you can help your business slowly grow into something bigger, while remaining debt-free.

To live without using the profits you take requires that you have income from another source, and this normally means remaining in your day job while you begin work on your own business. This will greatly increase the amount of work you are doing and so, too, will increase the amount of time that your work takes from you.

The time is worth it for the security it can give you. By not jumping straight out of your day job and into full time at home work in your own business, you will always have the security of that day job to fall back on. You will know where your pay check is coming from, and that you can always support yourself and your family, greatly reducing the stress associated with a new business.

This type of start up is slower, and the initial income is either put straight back into your business or is too small to fully support you. However, by working in this cautious and rather conservative manner you will avoid the biggest of the risks that would be associated with a start up in this economy – namely bankruptcy or being left unemployed if your business fails. At worst you will lose your start up costs and the time you put into the endeavor, but should the business fail you will be able to walk away from the experience debt-free to continue life as normal.

Source by Scott L. Phelps

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