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Itchy Mole Danger Signs – Should You Remove It?

If you have an itchy mole on your skin, there is no need to worry. It is important, however, to understand the different traits of a mole that is at risk for developing into skin cancer. This may sound scary, but you do not need to be afraid. As you become informed of the characteristics of dangerous moles, you can take comfort in knowing that these mole types are easily treated if you catch the warning signs early on.

Warning sign # 1: Have there been any recent sudden changes with your mole?
Moles may drastically change in size or shape within a very short period of time. Be sure to watch for any sudden shifts in characteristics, as these changes are traits of potentially cancerous moles.

Warning sign # 2: Has your mole become irregular in appearance?
If you have a mole that uneven (or asymmetric) in color, size, shape, or has a border that is jagged, these are signs that you should have a doctor look at it.

Warning sign # 3: Is the surface excessively dry, does it flake, or does it bleed?
If you see that you have a mole that is dry, bleeding, and changing in surface texture quickly, consider visiting a doctor.

Does an itchy mole signify a risk of skin cancer?
If you have an itchy mole that simply just itches, keep your attention on it for any sudden changes in the near future. Sometimes itchy moles are only temporarily irritated and will stop itching within a short time frame.

There are other reasons people choose to have their moles removed besides associated health risks or basic irritation. Sometimes moles are removed strictly for cosmetic reasons. If a mole does sometimes irritate you or have a negative affect on your appearance, you may get it removed by using step-by-step methods using 100% natural ingredients.

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