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Keeping Your Streets Attractive

Keeping Your Streets Attractive
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Keeping Your Streets Attractive
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In the Local area, there are companies that have expertise in conserving your building. Cleaning and restoration techniques are available for all types of buildings including, commercial, residential, ancient monuments and historic buildings. The same companies can do patio, roof and stone cleaning along with graffiti removal in London.

Brick Cleaning London

The exterior of buildings can often be plagued with grime and pollutants. This gives it the appearance of being much older than it is. Aesthetics are an important aspect to the value of any building and it’s the main reason for brick cleaning in London. It’s also important to note that there are many other advantages to a clean building. When a building isn’t cleaned, the grime may be hiding the fact that the exterior has weakened. Brick cleaning in London experts will tell you that it’s not possible to gauge what the condition of the masonry is when the building is covered in dirt. If you don’t regularly clean the exterior of buildings, there is a risk of damaging pollutants like sulphur and nitrogen oxides that can quickly deteriorate the façade. One of the main causes of decay in masonry is moisture. When the masonry is cleaned and then resealed, the façade is able to allow for normal transpiration of moisture and allows it to breathe.

Graffiti Removal London

Graffiti removal in London is a necessary service in order to keep areas and streets looking pristine. A graffiti removal service in London use pressure washing equipment with the combination of graffiti removers. These substances are not hazardous and combined with warm water. This combination of elements can ensure graffiti removal in London. This is applicable to both porous and non-porous surfaces. There are also anti-graffiti coatings that can cover the surface after the graffiti removal which also protects the exterior from the elements. For any type of graffiti removal service in London, you should be able to get a free written estimate.

Shot Blasting London

Shot blasting in London have the latest equipment which serves to remove chips, nicks, stains and any other imperfections from the exterior of a building. The high pressure washing service can be used on metal, steel and cement. The equipment for shot blasting in London works blasting abrasive material against the surface of the building under severe pressure. The propulsion of the abrasive material is often air. The end result is a smooth surface on the building with no dents or scratches. You also expose any issues that could be arising with your façade which is an added benefit to the shot blasting in London service.

Without proper care and attention, it’s easy for one spectacular property to lose their appeal. Don’t let grime, deterioration and poor decor ruin the appearance of your property. Instead, let Fortress Restorations help you to rediscover all that was once beautiful about your building and to return to its original state.

To find out more about our restoration services in London, Surrey and the surrounding area simply contact their team on 020 8798 3226 or visit

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To find out more about our restoration services in London, Surrey and the surrounding area simply contact their team on 020 8798 3226 or visit brick cleaning london AND graffiti removal london

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