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Latest Gas and Electric Tariff Reviews (UK)

When it comes to gas and electricity, no matter who your energy supplier may be, the things they supply you with come from pretty much the same place, so the quality of the product won’t be all that much different; only the prices vary.

With all different tariff options available per company, you can see that some plans and companies may answer your needs better than others. Today, switching energy suppliers is often an easy process; your energy supplier will do most of the work for you.

So let’s take a look at some of your best options:

1. Atlantic.

Atlantic offers four tariff plans you can choose from: the Atlantic online FP, which provides fixed prices for a minimum of 12 months; the Domestic standard online without standing charge, the Domestic standard online with standing charge, and – if you have an economy 7 electric meter installed – the Economy 7 tariff.

It is worth noting that Atlantic’s fixed prices are nearly 18% lower than its standard rates. If you want to cancel your plan, though, you’ll need to pay anywhere between £35 and £75, depending on how many months you’d been on the plan before cancellation.

If you pay through monthly direct debit, you get a free month annually, credited to your 13th month. The amount is based on your previous 12 months’ average consumption. Since you need to wait 12 months before you can get your discount, Atlantic is able to offer a higher relative percentage than many other companies.

2. EDF Energy.

EDF’s cheapest tariff is the Online Saver, which offers a 2% discount from EDF’s standard rates. If you change suppliers before 12 months, you’ll need to pay a cancellation fee of £50 for dual fuel and £25 for electricity or gas only.

The Eco20:20 is a good plan for night owls as it provides a whopping 20% discount for your energy usage from nine o’clock in the evening to seven o’clock in the morning. If you switch before 12 months, you’ll receive leaving penalties.

The Annual Fix is, as its name suggests, a fixed price tariff. If you feel that energy rates are rising too fast, this tariff will let you fix your rates for at least nine months, on the current standard tariff. Cancellation fees apply.

The Energy Discount Plan won’t fix your energy rates but it will give you a 2.5% discount for the next nine months, minimum. If you leave before your contract ends, penalties will be imposed.

The Green Tariff and Climate Balance actually raises your energy costs rather than lowers them. The extra amount is used to fund efforts towards the development of renewable energy technologies and programs. If you’re concerned about the amount of carbon dioxide your energy usage creates, this tariff will let you conveniently offset your carbon footprint.

3. British Gas.

British Gas has a reputation for being one of the most expensive energy companies, but in actuality, they have offers that give you a better deal than anyone else. Some of their tariffs are as follows:

Websaver 4 and 5 gives you a 6% discount for a full year, after which, you automatically revert to standard tariff; it has a £30 cancellation fee. OnlineSaver lets you have a maximum of 16 months 3% discount, no cancellation fees.

Green energy assures you that all electricity you sent to your home comes from renewable energy resources.

For the greatest cost savings, choose the dual fuel tariff and use their track-and-save products to keep your rates fixed until a certain point in time, with a 2% discount from the current tariff.

One thing to remember: for many companies such as British Gas, there is a general formula for getting the cheapest energy tariffs available: sign up for a dual fuel plan and online billing, and pay through direct debit.

Source by Louise Goldstein

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