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Lessons on Life, Learning and Earning

These few days and the rest of the year, I will share real practical posts, videos, podcasts, they will be stories on life, learning and earnings.

My goal is to give so much away that will benefit many people, especially those who may need to just read this now.

On Life…

Life is measured in the currency of Time. Hence we have grown through the past to get into the present with hope of the future in view. You would have mastered LIFE if you succeeded in mastering the 3 Forces. For anyone who has mastered these three, all things are possible.

Now and always you will unlock all doors when you have truly mastered the forces of Faith, Love and Hope… mastering these will be a topic for the coming days.

In life understanding the laws of identity makes you know you are unique and a powerful being.

Nothing can beat the expectations you set for yourself… God has endowed you and only the one in the mirror can stop you.

On Learning…

One day… I looked over to my beautiful wife Jumoke, as I was going back to complete my reading of the last few chapters of an interesting book and I said ” I love you… ” She looked over and said something to me that got me ” I love you too, but sorry I cannot study for you… ” I replied, ” I know, because the door of change is one only you can open from the inside” She can not study for me, people can’t grow FOR you but they can grow WITH you and be part of your journey. Others can help share their light with you, but the change always begins from within.

Learning is the way through which we grow our capacity to open the doors of ignorance, mediocrity or lack. Knowledge they say is power, applied Knowledge empowers absolutely.

On Earning…

Always Learn to earn and earn to Learn.

I got exposure to the phrase ” Learn to Earn” some years ago as an undergraduate, I had stumbled on a material by the reputable Stock broker and Fund Manager, Peter Lynch where he delved much more on this.

The best form of knowledge is the one we internalize and we are able to apply with results… At times, our earnings can be one out of many ways to measure some of these results… Ask companies that will stop at nothing to make sure sales targets are met.

I always believe and share that Personal Mastery precedes Money Mastery.

When you have grown your capacity to become one who earns in the millions range, you will do the things required to make this happen and indeed you will have your desired earnings.

Remember there is no limit to all you can achieve in your rise to greatness if the right sets of principles on life, learning, and earning are learnt and applied.

I celebrate your meteoric rise to greatness.

Emmanuel Ayeni

Source by Emmanuel Oluwadunsin Ayeni

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