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Life Beyond Bloating Problems – Is There Hope?

Do you experience recurring mood swings? Are you sometimes energetic with a positive attitude while other times feeling sad and miserable? Are you constantly fighting headaches, migraines, and constipation?

You may actually be experiencing a gastrointestinal disorder!

Gastrointestinal Disorder, as the name defines, it is the malfunctioning of your digestive system due to the introduction of parasites like amoebas, Glardia, pinworms, etc.

There are several ways by which these parasites enter into the body including:

– through eating undercooked foods

– improper diet

– Following pregnancy

– Traveling

– drinking impure water

Identifying GI

Identifying parasites may not be that simple as they are smart enough to escape any general routine test. And they affect millions of women all over the world.

The following list of symptoms may help you to see if you are at risk for hosting parasites.

– Nausea

– Inflammation of the stomach (Gastritis)

– Acne

– Sudden Weight Gain / loss

– Breast tenderness and swelling

– Mood swings

– Gallstones

– Irritable Bowel Syndrome

– Colonic Disorders

Bloating is another symptom of GI that may be experienced before the menstrual cycle.

As quoted by Barbara Frank, MD, gastroenterologist and clinical professor of medicine at Allegheny University of the Health Sciences MCP-Hahnemann School of Medicine in Philadelphia,

"You may also experience bloating right before your menstrual period. Some of the discomfort that many women chalk up to fluid retention may actually be abdominal discomfort from bloating"

Effects of GI

Malfunctioning of digestive system is the culprit behind many common ailments.

Weight Gain: As a result of GI, the absorption of nutrients from food may be impaired, affecting the overall health. A person tends to gain the weight, even though the body is not getting the nutrients required effectively.

Weakening of Immune System: The immune system looses its potential to fight against the germs; hence your body becomes an open house for chronic infections and autoimmune diseases.

Food Sensitivities and allergies

Any further growth of the disease leads to the deterioration of the intestinal wall which can lead to several other diseases like leaky gut syndrome, IBS, diverticulitis, Crohn's Diseases, etc

Finally, GI holds enough potential to cause systemic inflammation leading to heart diseases, arthritis, joint pain and muscle stiffness.

Skin disorders like dry skin, adult acne, rosacea and psoriasis are other possible consequences of GI.

Fighting against the disease

Doctor's are not always sure how to fight GI! The National Institute of Health in Bethesda, Maryland, has undertaken a multi-million dollar research project to find ways to fight this problem.

The best thing that you can do for your health is to follow these guidelines.

Eating slowly means eating healthier: It is important to take your time while eating. Rushing through meals leads to GI. Many health professional advise the more slowly you eat, the better your food is broken down, the less likely you are to suffer from gas caused by swallowing air and hence less bloating!

Avoid food that produces bloat: foods that are eaten raw or bolied like, cabbage, beans, bagels and pretzels, etc are real gas or bloat producers.

Cut down the sugary stuff: "High in sugar, high in bloating", that's the simple rule! So avoid eating a lot of candies, chocolates, ice creams, etc.

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